Saving Myself

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The white haired boy sat up in bed, watching the other boy slip away off to work. Sighing he got up. He knew where everything was, or where he would put it.
He rummaged through his clothes finding a new pair of black pants and a black t. He seemed to only like black now and he picked the clothes without noticing they were all black. He honestly didn't care what he looks like today. He just had one thought on his mind, himself.
He stripped once in the bathroom, showing trails of scars just about everywhere. The major ones resided around his wrists and ankles. He turned the water on to the warmest setting and began to wash himself.
The water burned, stinging Kaneki slightly but his pain receptors were practically non existent now. Steam rose from the shower fogging up the glass.
He punched the shower's wall, leaving a dent in it as he bit his own lower lip harshly. Blood flooded the drain, from both his hand and lip as he began to cry.
"Today is the day." He whispered as he watched the blood wash away.

//You know the part where Kaneki gets abducted by those ass holes? Yeah, that's this part.//

Kaneki's body was limp as he dangled from the gigantic man's hand. Blood ran down his face and arms, staining his shirt and coloring the floor. Blood splattered the newly cleaned dishes.(The mother fucking newly cleaned dishes, Levi would cry.)
Touka was one floor, a mess, when something changed. Someone changed the events in this reality.
A ring sounded from the door's bell. White haired Kaneki opened the door and stepped in with a crack of his knuckles.

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