Chapter 22: Preparations For The Unexpected

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I am sad to say that this book is ALMOST done. I am writing a new book which will be first introduced in Feburary. It is called 'Who Am I Now'. Add it to your library if you want to to read it. I telling you all now that it will not be including werewolves. The book is all human. Anyway tell me how this book is so far. Okay bye lovelies. Till next time.
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POV of Tyler:

Everything seems to be running smoothly up to this point. All six packs are ready to kill this bastard and end his pack. I have been mind linking Caroline everyday. In two days I will see Caroline and have her in my arms once again.

Killian has been raging and is waiting for Monday. He looks like he will kill the whole pack himself. He hasn't gone on any runs and he didn't cry. He has all this anger inside, on Monday we all know he is going to burst.

Charlie is pissed off that someone took his best friend. He isn't as bad as Killian, Jared nor I. But he is pissed. Plus I think he has anger issues. He is demanding Miranda to stay in the compound but she is being a stubborn cousin of mine. Yes its true, Miranda is my cousin.

I spent hours upon hours with all the packs that joined me to make war with that Larry guy. We were going over how to attack. Thank the goddess that one of the alphas had the blueprint of Larry's land; I don't know why so don't ask me. We went over the attack strategy; we have over three hundred warriors to fight. We had to keep that in mind because Larry (I cringed at the mention of him) had the largest and the most ruthless pack that ever existed. But that is going to end very soon. He has no heir so his pack is going to crumble to the ground. The packs also trained. We trained the way we are going attack and fight. We have a pretty good idea of it. After many more things of preparing we all were tired. Tomorrow is that last day to train.

Mate. Fight for mate!!!!!

'Don't worry. We are going to get her.'

'We better. I'm going to rest for the fight.'

'Bye Damon.'

I took a shower then I laid in my bed. It felt so cold without Caroline here. Goddess I miss her so much. Letting a couple tears flowing down my face I fell asleep.

POV of Caroline:

Tomorrow Tyler is coming to get me and I will be saved. But there is one problem. I woke from Nina grunting in pain. I look over to her side and I see her holding her pregnant belly. She was crying. I shot up and I ran to her.

"Nina! Talk to me. What is wrong?"

"The baby. She's coming! AHHAHHHAH!" She was yelling and sobbing.

"LARRY! LARRRYYYY!" He was the only that can help at this point.

Larry comes in panting. "What is wrong?!" He looks over to Nina with eyes wide open. "Is she in labor?" His voice cracked. I don't know what he was thinking. He is probably freaked out. "NURSE! GET IN HERE!" Soon after thirty seconds two nurses come in. They glanced at Nina. They already knew what to do. One nurse left and came back with buckets of water, towels, and gloves.

"Her water didn't break. But it will soon. She is having severe contractions." One of the nurses said.

"So what do we do?!" I asked. Larry is waiting outside. I guess birth freaked him out. What a baby.

"We need to break the sac. If we don't she could die." The other nurse said as she was wiping the sweat off of Nina's forehead.

"Then do it!" I yelled.

The nurse went right to it. The next thing I know I see liquid going everywhere. "Nina you need push and breathe. Come on Nina breathe. 1..2..3 PUSH. 1..2..3 PUSH. Breathe. Breathe... 1..2..3 PUSH." I said as Nina was squeezing my hand. This went on for at least seven hours. Nina is trying her hardest to give birth but Lorena wasn't budging.

I hear Larry's guards saying that there are werewolves ready to fight outside the gates. Already I thought? I looked outside the window and I saw that it broad daylight. I hear yelling and blood splashing everywhere. I bring my attention back to Nina who was still in labor. I can her heart slowing down rapidly. "One more push Nina. You can do it darling." The nurse said. The door opens quickly and it is wide open now. I see Killian with widened eyes and running to us. Behind him was Tyler. I move away and Killian is standing where I was. I kissed Tyler but quickly departed and grabbed Lorena before the nurse did. No enemy is going to touch my best friend's baby. I clipped the Umbilical cord. And handed her to Killian who was crying along with Nina. Nina held her and gave her a kiss on her forehead but gave her back to Killian. I went to her other side and held her hand. "Killian take care.... of... Lorena. I love you both. Nina and Tyler... I love you both so much... you two... are godparents... take care. I love... you... Lorena........................." Nina said with her last breaths.

"NINA! NO! PLEASE COME BACK BABY! DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE..." I grabbed Lorena from Killian as he held her in his arms sobbing. I walked to the corner with Tyler and Lorena to Killian let out his anger and sadness. I cried so much with Lorena in my arms. Tyler was crying as well. Mostly Killian was sobbing more as he held her in his arms protectively, hoping she would come back. But we knew that she wouldn't. Lorena started to cry again. Killian looked up and walked towards us. His eyes changed colors. Tyler pulled me behind him. They both growled but I moved away from him. I moved towards Killian and handed him Lorena into his arms. He started to cry as he held Lorena in his arms. "I will never leave you. I love you Lorena." Killian said as he held the precious baby in his arms.

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