Please forgive me...

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Song; Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran
(I'm in love with that song!!!😭❤️)

Matt's POV

*2 days later*

Ever since Ashley told us about that dream she had, I think that she really doesn't like me, I mean she said 'I killed myself ' doesn't that sound a little harsh!

I'm going to her house right now because I really want her back, I can't believe that I ever cheated on her! I'm so stupid!

*gets to Ashely's house*

Here goes nothing. *rings doorbell*

"Matt? What are you doing here?" Hayes asked in a calm way

"Hayes, I can't live without Ashley, I need her back, what I did was a mistake, I need her back, can I see her?" I asked with tears running out of my eyes.

"Yeah, sure go upstairs she's with her friend Hunter so you have to knock" he said

"Oh.... Okay." I said hurt

"They're just friends Matt, they're doing a project together for science class, don't worry." He said reassuring me.

"Okay, well Imma go up now" I said and walked upstairs

"I'll be in my room if you need anything." I heard hayes from the kitchen.

*knocks on door*

"Come in hayes!" I hear Ashley say

"It's not hayes... It's me." I said lifting my head.

"Matt? What are you doing, here we're over." She said

"I want to talk to you Ashley." I said with tears in my eyes

"We don't have anything to talk about" she said

"Please can we talk outside?" I said in a pleading way

"She said get out" Hunter said

"I'm clearly talking to Ashley so you can stay out of it" I said

"Matt leave" she said

"Listen to me Ashley please" I said with tears running down my cheeks

"You have 2 minutes matt" she said and went out side, while she closed her door.


"Okay look Ashley, ever since you got hit by that car, I realized what I had done, I didn't just break your heart i really broke you. And I'm really sorry I did, please I can't live without you, I know what I did was wrong and I messed up, but I'm begging you, please take me back, you're the only person that can make me happy, I miss you hugs, I miss the way I made you laugh, I miss you sweet smile, I missed looking into your eyes and seeing a happy girl, that isn't afraid of anything, a girl that even though she's been in a foster home, she's still happy and excited to see more o the wor-" I got cut off my her soft lips on mine.

"Yes Matt, I forgive you. Trust me you're the only one tags can make me happy, I missed your sweet smile, your loud but cute laugh, I missed you." She said

"I love you Ashley" I said and I kissed her

"OH MY GOSH! You're going to take him back!" I heard someone say, and that someone was Hunter

"Yes, yes I am do you have a problem?" She said

"You know the only reason I asked you to be my partner was because I like you!" He said

"Well even if I didn't take him back im still wouldn't go out with you." She said. He grabbed all his things and left.

The rest of the night we coddled and watched movies together.
In the middle of the movie "Toy story 2" I saw that she was sleeping.

"I love you Ashley, an I swear I'm not going to let anyone take you away." I said and kissed her forehead.



BTW, I was listening to that song while writing this so yeah, I love that song!!!

I hope you guys liked this update!

Love you guys so much! ~sammy😎

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