2. Music

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Finally finding the room I had been looking for, I opened the door and walked in.

Miss.Falcone was stood at the front of the room, much to my delight, and both of our faces lit up upon spotting each other, as if we had a telepathic bond. She glanced at an empty table near the back of the room, and I took this as a sign to sit there as she had been in the process of explaining something to a small group of students.

As I made my way to the table, my eyes met with a hazel-green pair that belonged to a boy sat on the table in front of my one.

I felt my cheeks blush slightly as I took in the rest of his features: tousled light brown hair, a wide smile, tanned skin and dimples that were extremely cute.

I felt his eyes skim down my face to my lip that was currently being bitten, and then back up to my blue eyes.

I gave him a small smile, which he returned with a huge one and I continued to go to my designated table.

After sitting down, I pushed my bag beneath the desk and waited for further instructions. I began to daydream, and the boy entered my mind straight away.

He was very good looking, but I was new. There was no possibility that he would take any notice of the new girl, but I was clearly wrong.

He turned to face me, startling me. He smiled again, making his eyes crinkle up, and began to introduce himself.

"Hi I'm Ash-"

"Ashton, please may you be quiet whilst I explain what we will be doing."

That was Miss.Falcone, making this Ashton boy quickly spin back to face the front, muttering a quick "Sorry Miss" in response.

I smiled, now knowing the boy's name. It sounded good in my head, and it swirled around my mind.

After a quick explanation of what we were to do, Miss.Falcone asked us to get into small groups, preferably in 4s or 5s. These groups were who we would be doing our project with, so I glanced around the room to see if there were any groups short of numbers.

I saw a friendly looking group of 3 girls, and decided to ask them if I could join them. I rose from my seat, but before I could begin to start walking to them, Ashton stopped me.

"Hi, um sorry, I'm Ashton...and this is Luke and Calum." he pointed to the two boys sat beside him, who I hadn't even noticed before.

One was blonde, with blue eyes, and the other had dark hair, tanned skin and brown puppy eyes. I smiled, and then Ashton continued.

"Do you wanna work with us? And also, what's your name...?"

These questions rattled me, made me wonder if I could be friends with these people, or if they were pretending to be nice to mess with me. Ashton glanced at me with a questionable look, probably wondering why I wasn't answering his questions.

"Hi I'm Maizie, um, and can I really work with you?!" I replied in a half nervous, half excitable tone. Ashton grinned.

"Of course, I mean we need another person and you need a group so why not?!"

This was the blonde boy, who turned out to be Luke.

"Thank you aha!" was my response, as I nervously grabbed a chair and sat down.

It had been what, ten minutes, with these 3 boys and I'd already decided that I needed to be friends with them. They were all down to earth, and funny, and friendly, and um, extremely good looking!

We were now in a smaller room that we'd been given to work in, and our project was to cover a song of our choice.

We had 4 weeks to do it, and much to my delight I found out that these boys were musical genius'.

Ashton sat behind a drum kit, tapping out a steady beat whilst Calum strummed a guitar, and Luke began to make a list of some songs we could cover. Ashton suddenly came to a stop, and walked the short distance over to me and sat beside me on an amp.

"So, Maizie, last name? Musical abilities? Favourite colour? Favourite band or bands?"

I quickly looked at him through the corner of my eye to see if he was joking or not, and then began to answer.

"My last name is Fletcher, my 'musical abilities' are-"

"Fletcher?! No way, that's my middle name!!!"

Ashton practically leaped up, with a crazed giggle, and for the first time in days I began to laugh.

"What a coincidence hey!"

After saying this, Ashton began to calm down, and he took his seat beside me once again and I continued.

"My 'musical abilities' are, singing - kind of, and a little bit of piano and guitar. My favourite colour is blue, kind of like a green-y teal one, and my all time favourite band is Mcfly, closely followed by Paramore and Green Day! Um, what about you?"

"Well I'm glad you asked, Maizie Fletcher!And I'm certainly glad I asked you to join us! My last name is Irwin, my musical abilities are, as you heard, drumming and possibly a teeny bit of singing and guitar and piano and sax, my favourite colour is green, and you won't believe this but Green Day and Mcfly are two of my favourite bands too! As well as Blink 182, All Time Low, and, yeah. I could go on forever!"

This was music to my ears. This boy sounded like perfection, and looked it too...

"Guys? Do you want to come look at the list?"

Calum interrupted my thoughts, and motioned at us to go over to the two of them.

I started to glance over the list that they had made.
American Idiot - Green Day
A Team - Ed Sheeran
Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
One For the Radio - Mcfly
Mr Brightside - The Killers
Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Stacey's Mum - Fountains of Wayne
Chocolate - The 1975
Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus
"Guys, that sounds sick! Anymore we could add Maizie?" Ashton exclaimed, after reading the list over my shoulder.

"That sounds good guys, but I'm gonna suggest Still Into You by Paramore? It's an amazing song, and I reckon we could nail it! But one question...what do you boys play? Like instrument wise?"

Calum smirked.

"Well, I play bass and guitar."

"And I play guitar, and I can sing." Luke replied with a smile.

"Maizie?" Ashton questioned. "Please may you play us this song, as I've never heard it and if that's what you want to do, it's cool but I would like to hear the song before we cover it!"

"Oh yeah sure! Sorry!"

I grabbed my iPhone 4 which was in the back pocket of my shorts and swiped it open. Within seconds I had YouTube open and the song started to play.


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