part 3

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At 7:45 in the morning the smell of coffee, bacon, eggs,toast and fried potatoes lulled me out of my slumber. The sun was peaking in through the curtains over my bedroom window and the sound of gay porn on my TV was filling my ears. I was laying on my tummy with my naked, horny bottom exposed when I started to blink, then I rolled over and let my hard as steel boy cock stick out freely.

I smiled when I realized that there was porn playing in my room again, telling me that daddy must have come in and turned it on before going to the kitchen to start breakfast. I knew that he wanted to set the mood for me this morning, perhaps to give me a preview of what was to come. Sure enough, as I let my eyes focus on the screen, I was treated to the site of a very cute looking twink sucking cock while he took it missionary style in his bed. I laid still and watched the scene unfold, ignoring my full bladder for as long as I could while the cutie with braces took two tops on at once. When the cocks were ready to blow, both of his tops jerked off in his face while he grinned up at them, his shiny braces on full display. As each of his lovers shot their loads, his smile only got bigger while cum shots hit him in the face.

That was my cue to get out of bed and tend to my morning call of nature. After draining my full bladder, I washed my hands like a good little gay boy, then I made my way out to the hallway, where daddy was waiting for me.

“Good morning, honey,” he said softly as I wrapped my skinny arms around his tummy and rested my head against his chest. “I heard you moving around and thought I'd come check on you.”

“Good morning, daddy,” I yawned, smiling up at him affectionately. “Thank you for turning my TV on.”

“I thought you'd like that,” he said, giving me a tight hug and planting a kiss on my lips. “Let's get your teeth brushed before grandpa gets here. I'm sure you want him to give you some sugar today.”

I nodded through my smile, then daddy followed me into the bathroom, where I dutifully brushed my teeth. While I was scrubbing my chompers, he filled a cap of mouthwash for me to gargle with. When my breath was minty fresh, I was treated to a wet, deep and extended kiss from daddy in front of the sink.

“Come on Bobby, daddy wants to see what's playing on your TV,” he said, taking me by the hand and walking with me to my room.

The scene we were greeted by was a hot one on one romp in a bed. A dark haired twink was laying on his tummy, using his knees to push his ass into the air while a hunky older man was drilling his hole. The boy was moaning into the pillow that he was holding to his chest, his green eyes sparkling while he accepted a marathon style ass fucking. Daddy and I watched momentarily, standing in the middle of my room and holding hands. I leaned into him and moaned a little, my eyes glazed over as I took in the naughty scene that was playing out on the screen.

“Do you like what you see, baby boy?” he asked, and I nodded in a near trance. “Are you in the mood to have your hole drilled like that, son?”

“Yes, daddy,” I almost stuttered.

“Of course you are, sweetie,” he said knowingly, his voice reassuring yet somehow smug. As if he only asked the question to confirm what he already knew about me. I felt his fingertips on my chin, lifting my head so that he could plant another tongue filled kiss on my mouth while he caressed my horny rump.

When his tongue was out of my mouth, he reached down and picked up my pillow, nonchalantly tossing it to the foot of the bed. As soon as it landed on the bed spread I practically jumped in after it, wrapping my arms around it and pulling it to my chest while I spread my legs and pushed with my knees, making my hips and my horny rump raise off of the bed. This had the effect of keeping my hard as steel boy cock off of the bed, leaving it exposed but untouched as daddy got in behind me.

Just like our last romp, he simply placed the head of his cock at my back door and pushed in, confident that it was already lubed up and ready for action. And just like before, daddy was right to think so. When the bulbous head of his cock pushed in, I moaned with need and smiled over my shoulder at him, then I felt his pubic mane smashing against the tender skin around my pucker.

Setting my eyes back on the screen, I fell back into my trance as I watched the twink take his fucking like a true pussy boy. He had an animalistic look in his eyes as his man drove in from the back, and I could feel myself channeling his mood and his energy. His moans were depraved and needy, and I realized that so were mine. His top was feeding him full strokes of his cock, and I knew that my daddy was doing the same. I could see the adipose tissue that filled out his bubble butt being smashed by his top's pelvis as he accepted each inward stroke. At the same time, I could feel my daddy's pelvic bone smashing into my buns, pushing deep into their padding as he drilled my hole.

All of this culminated at once for me in the form of a powerful anal orgasm that ripped through me like a hot knife through a stick of butter. I could feel my boy pussy exploding with carnal pleasure, seemingly out of nowhere as daddy plowed it with his shaft. My hard little pecker was sizzling with passion, drooling with a thick strand of precum that was hanging off of the end and growing in length. I could feel the juices surging in my climaxing rear end and I knew that I had just creamed around daddy's big dick.

I let loose with a long, loud and hopeless moan that drowned out the volume on my TV as my boygasm played out. Daddy fed me deep strokes for another full minute, running his shaft back and forth while my hole contracted violently around it. I was so lost in the sinful pleasure of my morning lay that I didn't recognize the signs that daddy was about to blow. As a result, I felt my already cream laden hole fill up with a hot, thick load of cum that made me shiver one last time, then daddy took a firm hold of my hips and pulled out.

In a flash, I was on him like a bitch in heat, sucking his throbbing meat with lust filled purrs while he petted my messy head. He finally had to pull his cock away by lightly tapping my lips with his fingertips, urging me to let it go so he could get back to the kitchen. Before leaving me, he treated me to another long kiss, then he fixed my pillow so that I could lay on my back and watch porn on my TV until my next lay.

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