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Luke's POV

Cal, Mikey, Ash, and I where all walking away from Michael's house, towards a park Michael said was nearby. We probably shouldn't have been walking, considering it was really windy and looked like it was about to rain, but we did anyway because Calum insisted I would be fun to get stuck in the rain and have to run home. Of course only Calum thought that, but as soon as he gave Michael the look we were all putting on our jackets, preparing to walk.

The walk to the park was about seven minutes, so we were at least hoping it didn't start raining before we got there.

Right now we were walking in pairs. Michael and Calum were walking together, of course, and Ashton and I were walking together close behind. It was a pretty windy and slightly cold, so I was walking alongside Ashton with my head on his shoulder. (A/N- I'm pretending Luke and Ashton are the same height for this. It would be awkward for Luke to bend down far to have his head on Ash's shoulder :P) Ashton's arm was wrapped around my waist and it felt oddly comfortable since I usually don't like for people to touch me, but with Ashton, it's been different. I even cuddled with him yesterday... something about him just attracts me to him.

Michael and Calum were in a similar position, Michael with his head on Calum's shoulder and Calum's arm around the colored haired boy's waist.

Other than the way the weather looker right now, the walk was pretty okay. We were nearly there by now, and the sky was still grey, but overall it was okay.

"Okay... no one's here, so we can..." Calum started.

"To the swings!" Michael yelled, pointing to where the black seated swings were.

They ran over there, giggling loudly and holding hands. It was adorable really. I hope I can have a relationship like that before I die... but I doubt that's going to happen.

Ashton and I watched them and they made their way to the swingset, smiling at their childish personalities. We walked over as well and Ashton hopped on the swing next to Michael's.

"Push me, Lukey... please," he said, slightly pouting. There was no way I could say no to that.

"Of course I will, Ashton," I said and walked behind him.

He gave me a shy smile and looked down at his lap. He's so adorable. I swear this boy will be the death of me with his cuteness.

I took both of the chains connected to the seat in my hand and pulled him back with ease. It was almost as if he weighed nothing... but I decided not to question it for now.

I let Ashton swing forward and when he came back, I gently pushed his back. We kept doing this for a while, Michael and Calum doing the same with Calum in the swing, until we decided to switch spots.

Luke let Ashton puch him and Michael let Calum do the same. They had small talk here and there, until Michael started giggling.

We all stared at him, wondering what was so funny. He then started laughing even harder.

"What the hell, Mikey? What are you laughing at?" Calum asked, slightly amused.

Michael shook his head and smiled. "I don't even know. It was just really quiet," he shrugged.

Calum rolled his eyes at his boyfriend. "Sometimes I worry about your mental health I swear," he said, grabbing Michael by his waist and pulling him in for a kiss.

Luke and Ashton watched the two, Calum holding his boyfriend close and kissing with so much love and Michael trying to pulling Calum even closer by wrapping his arms around Calum's neck and kissing back with just as much passion. It was beautiful... and I was really hoping I could have that some day... with a particularly curly haired boy. But if course it would never happen. Even if he did say he kind of liked me back, he could've been saying that because he felt bad. I really hope not.

They pulled back from the kiss, cheeks pink and panting slightly.

They looked so in love, it was beautiful.

Suddnely, I felt a drop of water hit my forehead. Then more. And even more.

It was raining. Now we had to run. This was all Calum's fault.

"Its raining guys. We have to go," Michael said.

It stared raining a bit harder and we all panicked a bit. I grabbed Ashton's hand and we started running back to Michael's house, Calum and Michael close behind us.

Running, it only took us about four minutes to get back and we were all soaking wet in rain water.

Michael quickly unlocked the door and we ran inside, all slouching against the wall, out if breath from running all the way back.

We all looked at each other for a minute before busting out laughing. We sat there laughing for no reason at all, when the door opened.

"Mikey! I'm hom- Oh, who are your friends, you know other than Calum. And why are you all wet. Really Michael Clifford?! You know it's raining did you really make them walk here in the rain. You could've picked them up," the woman said sternly.

Michael stood up. "Hey mum. This is luke and Ashton," Michael started, pointing both if us. "They stayed over night. And Ashton will be staying for a while longer, but we'll talk about that later. And no, mother. I didn't make then walk here. We went to the park and got stuck in the rain," he said, rolling his eyes at her.

She smacked his arm. "Well get them some towels and clothes or something. They're guests. Except for Calum because he basically lives here. Which reminds me... when are you two finally gonna get together?" she asked so casually, it made them both blush.

"We kind of already are," Calum said, nervously. 

We were all standing up by now and were pretty much shaking from the fact that we were wet and cold.

"I'll go get towels," Michael said, still blushing from his mother's statement. He walked off, Calum following along behind him, and Mrs. Clifford turned to us.

"Hello. I'm Michael's mum. You can call me Karen. Mrs. Clifford makes me feel old," she said, giving us a friendly smile.

"It's nice to meet you Karen. I'm Ashton," Ash said politely, shaking her hand.

"And I'm Luke. I just moved to the house across the street," I explained shaking her hand as well.

She looked at us and smiled as though she were impressed. "It is a pleasure meeting you both as well. You seem both seem like very polite boys. Maybe Michael could learn a thing or two," she said and smiled again.

A few seconds later, Michael and Calum came down the stairs both wearing dry clothes which looked extremely warm. They had towels and clothes in their arms and they were still blushing, just like when they went up stairs.

They walked over to us. Michael handing me clothes and Calum handing Ashton clothes.

"Here you go guys. Towels and dry clothes. Ummm... Mum, you, Calum, and I need to talk," Michael said, still blushing furiously. Calum nodded behind him, his face still the same.

Ashton and I took our clothes and headed upstairs, giggling behind our hands, and knowing what the talk they were about to have was.

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