*James POV*

I anxiously paced the room, thoughts running wild on what could possibly go wrong today. My fingers ran through my recently-cut brown hair, messing it up slightly. Dad sighed and reached forward to fix it, his deep green eyes - something I inherited - capturing mine as he told me to stop worrying. My best man, Alexander, picked up my tie from the uncomfortable hotel bed and passed it to me. "Has Claire called?" I asked them, wanting to tell ny bride how much I love her.

"Amelie has insisted there is no contact to be made between you both until at the altar," Alexander explained. "She can be quite persuasive" His lips tugged into a small smile; I quirked my eyebrow suggestively. My childhood friend has a crush on my almost sister-in-law? I was not expecting that.

I gave him a tell me later face making his face turn a bright red.

"James, it's time" Dad said. I dragged in a shaky breath, releasing it slowly. I'm ready to get my wife.


I know it's short but it's my 17th birthday and I thought you'd want to have an insight on James! What do you think of Alexander's crush on Amelie? Yay or nay?

HugglesWithMikey xx

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