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I was waking out of school trying to put my books in my bag at the same time until someone lifted my bag up for me I looked up to see Luke.

"Thanks" I mumbled.

"So Calum kind of wanted me to ask you did you want to go to his house with Mikey and Ash and go for dinner or something?" Luke said.

"Will you be there?"

"I won't be for about an hour or so but maybe later I'll come. I nodded

"Why didn't Calum just ask me" I laughed slightly confused.

"Ughhh OMG Ron how blind are you ?" He chuckled lightly." They all like you"

"As a friend" I nodded my head.

"No you are their friend, they have a crush on you" He smiled at me.

"They dont" I protested

"Well.. they told me they do and, I don't lie Ron so......yup they do" he looked like he just achieve his life goals with working that out I just shook my head and began walking.

"Wait you don't know where he lives" Luke laughed.

"Oh yeah"


I finally reached Calum's house it was only a 10 minute walk from school but I'm still gonna say finally.

"Hey" Michael answered the door, he was wearing a unbuttoned check shirt with a green day top under neat , black skinny jeans and combat boots. He looked very good today I must say.

"Don't you look snazzy, I said as I walked in.

"All for you Ron you should be grateful." He said as I laughed

"I'm grateful I get to look at someone with such great fashion sense Clifford" I winked at him making him laugh again.

Calum walked into the room and gave me a huge hug, I hugged back before asking him....

"Why didn't you just ask me here yourself Calum ?"

"Yeah I should of I guess ..I just..didn't want to creep you out" I shook my head.

Ashton walked in and did the same ,as Calum gave me a hug but he did it from behind and didn't let go.

"Hey there Ronnie" he whispered in my ear.

"Hi Ashton" I said softly.

"Speak up Veronica I want to hear your voice" He laughed until I turned around to face him.

"How did you know that was my name ?"

"Secrets dear, secrets" he winked at me before he smirked.

"Yeah Calum I get what you mean now by that creepy thing" I laughed pointing to Ash, Calum laughed before we headed out to go get some food.


We had just pulled up along the coastline of the local beach on the opposite side of the road there was shops and restaurants going downhill.

"Do you wanna look in any of the shops?" Calum asked me as we walked across the street to the shops and the restaurants.

"Do I look like a girl who loves shopping?" I laughed

"Don't all girls?" He said laughing he's too cute.

"There is only one shop worth going to here " I said as I brought them up an alley way, they all looked hesitant but shortly followed me to a small shop hidden away.

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