First Day Probs

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Omg so it was my first day of high school right?
I get up anxious and excited and get ready in a striped shirt and skinny jeans with red lipstick and tan flats. I straightened my hair and put some mascara on and everything. I had just got my new Vera Bradley book sack and I was so excited.

So, I get to school which took me like 30 freaking minutes, and I was frickin late to homeroom. TO.HOME.ROOM HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE OMG
So anyway, that didn't really give a good first impression to my homeroom dawgs being late and all (lol dawgs). I was only like a minute late but still.
So I sat in front of this typical cheerleader named Megan. And next to her was her bff fa evs Jordan -__- All they did was gossip about what Kayla was wearing like 6 fucking years ago. So anyway, behind Megan was Jackson. Now I'll tell ya, Jackson, man he's a real catch. He was on the wrestling team, he was a football player, he was everything. But what he knew best was how to flirt with girls. And that was Megan and Joran -_-

Behind him was another cutie, Chase. But all he cared about was how he looked. I mean really! Every 5 facking seconds he had to check his phone to see if is hair still looked good. Like dafaq

Oh I forgot to mention, I was new that year. I had just come back from Asia because of my dads job (YES IM AMERICAN I AM NOT FROM ASIA). So I didn't know anyone. I woke up with ketchup on my hand afraid I had my period and She's the Man was still paused on my tv from the night before. There's my life for ya :)
In not that average girl in my school. I wouldn't consider myself one of a kind or special and stands out either like most of the girls in my school think lmao. I love reading Dylan O'brien fanfics in my bed for 8 hours straight while listening to random 90s bands on my boom box. I listen and sing (trust me I can't sing) to Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5 songs in the shower and pretend like I'm having a singing battle between my crush and his girlfriend. And don't even ask what I do for a living. Okay okay, you dug it out of me. I walk dogs 5 times a week and dog sit. I wanna be an astronaut when I'm older because I am pretty good at physics. I hate Starbucks, please don't flip me off for that because everyone has their opinions. My parents were calling each other bae by the way before it even became cool, so -braggy eye roll- whatever

So I got through all my classes pretty good until gym came. Omg I was freaking out because my locker was stuck and wouldn't close. Then I forgot how to get to the gym. The girls gym was the green gym and the boys gym was a blue gym. You have to walk through the blue gym to get to the green one. So I went through the blue one and all the boys were sitting down waiting for the teacher to come in. I asked out to get to the green gym and they told me through the door on the right so there were 2 doors to the right and I walked right out the exit door. I came back and went through the other one and it was so frickin embarrassing! I was late to gym by the way.

Next hour was lunch. I got my food and a guy came and grabbed my butt out of no where and as I turned around to slap him, I spilled my food all over us -_____- think it's funny? Well it was plain embarrassing (okay maybe a little bit funny but that's it)

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