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Liam & Zayn


"I'm fine Liam, seriously, people die everyday, I'll get over it."

"Do you have a personal connection to any of them people?!"

"No, but-"

"No freaking buts Zayn, there are no buts in Katie's death, now is there? There are no 'but it's okay if we do this.' It's gonna happen, we can't escape it like you escape everyone and run from what your feeling and keep it hid inside of you! Don't you understand she's not going on a trip and coming back? She's not gonna just return-"


"Why are you acting like you don't give two shits?"

"I do, Liam, but I am more closed up, I'd rather cry on my own, where no one can see me, I try to not cry to benefit Katie, as seeing us cry would make it even harder for her and I just don't-"

"It's okay to cry, Zayn."


"It's okay."

The closed up, bad-boy's walls broke down, and his shoulders started shaking as he cried, holding onto Liam.

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