Chapeter two: the meet up

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John awaked at the sound the pilot over the loud speaker. He informed everyone that the plane will be reaching our destination in ten minuets.

He quickly sat up and grabbed his bag off of the rack. A tired yawn escaped his lips had he stretched. He sat back down has the plane begun to land.

He jumped up, grabbed his bag, and quickly ran out before he got caught in the mess of people. As he exited he took in all of his surroundings. It was lovely! John has never been in a different country before so this was uncharted territory for him.

When John was done staring at the view, He walked in side and tried to look for someone who looked like a 'Jake English' to him. He noticed someone holding a sign that read "Egbert" In sloppy handwriting. He walked over to him.

John was about 5'6. He had messy dark brown hair and large square glasses. It gave John a dory look but so did his buckteeth. John had ocean blue eyes and a small frame. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with green slime creature printed on it.

The boy who stood I front of him was taller about 5'9 or 5'10. He also had messy brown hair but his hair was a bit longer then johns. He was older. Around eighteen or nineteen. He also had square glasses but they made him look daring and adventures, Unlike John. He has bright forest green eyes and his frame was a bit wider and more muscular. He was wearing a white shirt with a green scull and a green flannel jacket. But what really surprised John was that he was wearing booty shorts. kaki booty shorts.

"Hello." John waved meekly at the strange boy.

"'Ello!" He waved back. "Are you by any chance John Egbert?" He asked curiously.

"Y-yes. I am. And you are?" John replied.

"The names English. Jake English. It's nice to meet ya ol' chap!" Jake said, his British accent sticking out like a sore thumb.

John stood there a bit shocked that this was his cousin. He began to wonder why his dad never introduced them before let alone ever told John that he had a British cousin.

"Well come on!" Jake said snapping John out of thought.

Jake whistled happily as he walked out the airport doors. John followed behind quietly as he dragged along his suitcase.

Jake smiled happily as he skipped to his dark green jeep. He loved adventuring and he was GOING to become a archeologist but he had to finish collage. He went to school at the local university and has a job at a coffee shop off of Main Street. He unlocked the car and hoped into the drivers seat.

John walked up to the jeep and put his bag into the back. Afterwards, he hoped up to the passenger seat.

Jake pulled out of the airport and headed back to his house.

"So John." Jake said trying to break the silence. "What do you like to do in your free time?"

It took John a moment to prodded what he was saying before he replied. "Oh um. I love to watch movies."

Jake smiled happily "really!? What sort of movies do you like?"

"I love nic cage movies! They are just so. EEEP!" John said happily.

Jake chuckled "I love any sort of movie. Especially adventure."

John was about to reply as they pulled up to jakes house.

"Welp. We're here." Jake said as he hopped out of the car.

John quickly scurried out of the car. He dragged his bag into the house. The house was just outside of London so jake was able to walk almost everywhere he needed to be.

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