*knock knock*

Slim: Who is it?

Alicia: Alicia.

I open the door and she stands there looking slutty even while she's pregnant with my child.

Slim: So you gon come or na ?

Alicia : thanks .

She comes inside sitting on the couch . I close the door and sit besides her.

Slim: wass gud with you ?

Alicia : well I miss you and so does your daughter .

Slim: wow its a girl ?

Alicia: yeah we having a girl .

Slim: That's great.

I smile a little and she blushes. She looks gorgeous. I noticed she had on no make up .

Slim: I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you . I miss you a lot alicia .

Alicia : I miss you even more.

I placed my lips on her putting my hand on her growing stomach .

Slim: The girls are out for the week do you wanna spend the night with me ?

Alicia : Yes baby.

Slim: Good.

We fall back into the couch and cuddle watching No Good Deed

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