Chapter 2

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Eren's POV

Eren couldn't run anymore, so he ended up collapsing in an alley way. He heard a door open. Quickly covering his eye he turned to the direction of the door. Out stepped a boy with two toned hair, sandy on top and brown in the style of an undercut. The boy threw a garbage bag that was being dragged behind him into a trash can. As he turned around his eyes skimmed over Eren. He did a double take looking back at Eren. Eren could feel his body go limp.

"U-Uh hey dude? Are you still alive?" The two toned stuttered.

Eren held his hand over his eye. And groaned at the sudden movement. Making the two toned rush over, pulling him up.

"Come on let me get you taken care of." The two toned said.

Eren nodded pleadingly. The two toned gave him a pity smile, and led him inside through the back door.



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