Hello Again

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Most people look towards the future
I'm looking forward to death
The moment where I say my last words
When I take my last breath
I want to see those few images
Those glimpses of memory
My happiest and saddest moments
The way that I used to be
I want to feel my eyes roll back
And my head tilt to the side
My life slowly ending
I'd finally get to say goodbye
Goodbye to the pain
Goodbye to the tears
No more self harming
No more caring about who hears
But sadly death isn't here yet
As far as I know
I'll keep trying to seem happy
Even though I'm still alone
I open my eyes and look up
I'm looking out over a city
How did I get up here
Was I climbing while venting
And why am I not alone
Who are the people here with me
They can't be who I think of
Because they resemble the dead
The friends that I've had
That ended their lives of dread

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