"So?" Derek asked in a soft voice, keeping his gaze on a sleeping Stiles. "What is wrong with him?" Deaton sighed and folded his arms, his gaze resting onto Stiles' body. "What is the problem, Deaton?"

"I don't know what's wrong with Stiles, Derek, that is what is wrong." Deaton said, looking at Derek instead. "What did you see? Please, describe it in details, I need to figure this out. He reacted abnormally good to these tests, really good. Even better then you did, actually. That is why you have you explain this now."

"I was running around when I smelled him, he smelled like fear, anger and confusion. I ran towards the scent, I didn't understand why he would be in the forest while it was night andfull moon." Derek said, leaning against the wall, not taking his eyes off of Stiles for once. "I was scared that maybe something had happened to him, but when I arrived at the place where he was, he looked completely fine. Until I noticed what he was doing."

Derek paused, gulping as he thought back at the moment his heart broke to see Stiles so sad that he was just screaming out for his mother. He had never thought he would feel this way about anyone, certainly not after all his other failures in love. But then Stiles came along, and with Stiles came everything that he thought he'd never get again.

"It was like he was seeing someone, but I couldn't see anyone at all. And was part wolf, if there was someone, I should've seen that person." Derek continued, walking closer to Stiles and softly caressing Stiles' cheek. "It did smell like someone was there, the air was thick with fright and pain, but it didn't all come off of Stiles. Something else must've been there, but I couldn't see it. Stiles did."

"Did you notice something strange on him? Maybe something different?" Deaton asked, looking at Derek with a frown on his face.

"Yeah, his eyes. They were all black, no white in them anymore. But when I held him, it seemed like he calmed down, like he got back to normal again." Derek said, frowning as he found it sound stupid. 

"That is strange, but it doesn't make me understand what is going on with the boy. I will keep researching, you keep an eye on him." Deaton said, turning around. "Now, bring him back to his house, we don't want sherrif Stilinski to be concerned."

Derek slowly and carefully slid his arms under Stiles' sleeping body and carried him in bridle style, trying not to wake him up.

"Don't worry, I have given him enough to keep him knocked out for a few more hours." Deaton said as if he could read Derek's thoughts. The Alpha left the building, heading for Stiles' house when he suddenly felt someone following him.

"Why are you following me, Peter?" Derek asked, not taking his eyes off of Stiles. 

"I was worried about my little nephew, and I was also wondering why you are carrying Stiles like he is a baby."  Peter asked, now walking beside Derek and looking down at the still sleeping Stiles as well.

"Because he's asleep, and sleeping people can't walk." Derek said, wanting to get rid of his uncle. "Why are you always acting like an asshole to Stiles? It doesn't make any sense that you like everyone except him."

"Do I need a reason to not like him?" Peter asked and Derek rolled his eyes, already getting annoyed by his uncle. "Because I have none."

"That isn't true, Peter, and you know it." Derek said, stopping in front of Stiles' house and looking at Peter. "Can you hold him? I need to get the keys out of his backpocket."

"I'll get the keys." Peter quickly said, his hand reaching for Stiles' ass and disappearing in his backpocket. Stiles squirmed in his sleep, pressing his body against Derek's body.

"No, get away from me. Please, leave me alone." Stiles mumbled in his sleep and Derek frowned, staring harshly at Peter to get him pull his hand out of Stiles' pocket. "Derek, save me, please." Derek looked down at the boy in confusion, not knowing why he was mumbling his name in his sleep. "Please, please Derek save me. Get it away from me."

"So he likes you." Peter growled, his hand clenching around the keys he had grabbed from Stiles' backpocket. Derek grabbed them from Peter's hand.

"Why do you care about that? It's not like it's true anyways." Derek said, turning around to unlock the door. "I've got to bring him to his bed, after this we're going to have a talk." Derek opened the door, getting inside the house, still carrying Stiles.

"Derek?" Stiles asked, his voice soft and slurred as he looked up at Derek sleepily. "Wha-what are you doing?"

"I'm bringing you to your bed, Stiles." Derek answered, not looking at Stiles while he softly made his way up the stairs, taking care of not waking up Stiles' father. 

"Why haven't you protected me? Why haven't you helped me?" Stiles asked, making Derek look down into the frightened eyes that stared back into his'. "He's winning, Derek, he's winning." Tears welled up in Stiles' eyes, making Derek frown.

"Who's winning, Stiles?" Derek asked, quickly making his way into Stiles' room and closing the door behind them, placing Stiles onto his bed. 

"The monster, he is winning. Help me," Stiles whispered, his voice cracking as he wrapped his fingers around Derek's leather jacket, holding onto it for dear life. "Take him away from me, take him away from me!"

"Shh, calm down, there's no one here." Derek said, grabbing Stiles' hands and trying to get them off of his jacket, but Stiles' grip was too tight. "Calm down Stiles, there's no one here."

"There is, he is here." Stiles whispered, eyes wide and heart beating extremely fast. "He is behind you." Derek had never thought he could turn around this fast, but apperantly he could. But when he looked behind him, he saw no one. 

"There's no one there, Stiles, what are you talking about?" Derek asked, turning around again to see Stiles staring at him with a smirk on his face.

"Oh he is here, and when you find out where he is; you'll be screaming." Stiles said, laughing quietly as he let go of a confused Derek. 

"Stiles, what's wrong?" Derek asked, watching as Stiles' eyes turned darker. "You're acting weird, what happened?"

"You happened, you didn't protect him. But don't worry, I haven't quite got him yet." Stiles said, confusing Derek even more. "But I'll get inside of him, and I'll destroy everything."

"You're just tired, aren't you?" Derek asked, nodding to himself to confirm it. "Yeah, yeah you are. It's probably just the effects of whatever Deaton gave you, I think it's the best if you'd just go to sleep." Derek pushed Stiles back softly, tucking him in. "Sleepwell Stiles, I'll see you tomorrow." 

He looked at Stiles one more time to see that the boy was already asleep, this confirmed for him that he was just tired and talking nonsense. Whatever he was talking about couldn't be true, there was no one, right? And what monster would he be talking about? It was nothing, no it couldn't be. Derek sighed, placing Stiles' keys onto the nightstand and walking out of the house, closing the door softly behind him. 

"Now, where were we?" Derek asked, looking up at Peter who was leaning against the wall, staring at his nails. "Let's go, we need to get out of here before the Sherrif wakes up." Both men ran away, not aware of the boy who was staring at them through the window, laughing darkly.

"I'm going to destroy you, all of you." 


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