Chapter 18

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“CASSY, WHERE’S THIS JENKINS guy?” Kirk glared at her, his fists balled. He was frustrated and tired, but most of all, he was a sore loser. The meeting with Meskhenet was a bust, and now he found himself back in Cassy’s office. It was late in the evening, but she must be a workaholic because she was still at her desk.

“Jenkins? Why? Do you think—”

“Is he here? I need to talk to him.”

“He’s running some errands and won’t be back until late, but I’ll give you his home address and phone number.” She checked her computer records, wrote down the information, and handed it to him. “Just for the record, Detective, he’s clean.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.” He took the note and turned to leave.

“What got you all grumpy? You hit a dead end with the woman?”

He rolled his eyes. “You could say that. We have nothing but a witness who seems to be invisible. The other one has an airtight alibi.” Kirk ran his hand over his smooth head and cursed. “And all I have is a fuzzy picture with no fingerprints or any witnesses.”

“Didn’t you shoot your last witness?” Cassy’s voice had a glint of steel in it. She shot a tight look at Kirk then broke into a cheerful I’m just joking smile.

He could tell she meant to sting his ego. “Fine. I’ll be taking my depressing mood elsewhere.” He knew she was being flirtatious, but he didn’t care. This whole thing stunk to high heaven. He knew it and they knew it, but someone was covering it up.

“Glad I could help.” Cassy giggled, which irritated him even further. He marched out of her office, not bothering to respond when she yelled, “Next time, a thank you would be nice!”

He opened the Mustang door and dropped into the seat.

Geoff was staring at his laptop, like always. Didn’t even look up.

“In case you’re interested, we got an address.” Kirk pounded the dash. “It better lead us somewhere worthwhile, or I might just shoot someone. This is our last real lead, so you might want to cross your fingers. If it’s a dead end, it’ll shut us down.”

Geoff typed the address into his laptop. “We’re about ten minutes from this location. Do you want to go tonight or in the morning?”

Kirk looked at his watch. Almost ten. “Let’s pay him a little visit. I won’t be able to sleep if we don’t. Besides, he’s sure to be home at this hour.”

As they pulled onto the busy street, Kirk had an uneasy feeling someone was watching them. He looked at the headlights in the rearview mirror. The car was almost on top of the Mustang’s rear bumper. From the classic dark Ford sedan, he knew it had to be his friends from down at the station—or worse, the feds.

“We have company.” He spoke in a voice barely above a whisper, as if the occupants of the other car might hear him.

Geoff started to turn around, but Kirk backhanded his chest. “Don’t look, you numbskull. Just keep an eye on the car in your side mirror.”

“Sorry, man,” Geoff muttered as he rubbed his chest. “I’m a little new to this detective thing.”

Kirk switched lanes to see if the tailing car would follow, and it did. He sighed and parked in front of a doughnut shop. “Hey, you want a coffee or something?”

“Yeah. I’ll take a bottled water and a plain bagel, no cream cheese.”

Kirk rolled his eyes and got out of the car. He walked into the shop muttering, Only sissies drink bottled water.”At the counter, he peeked through the window to see if the boys in blue were following.

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