Chapter 2

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Few days later

Hayes POV

" Amelia what are you doing after school today??"

" Oh nothing much just hanging with my brother Shawn, Jack, and Cameron. There my brothers too."
She said suspiciously.

" Cool, maybe you could come to my house is your brothers think its ok?"

" I don't think they will mind but do you have a brother or sister?"

" Oh my brothers name is Nash he's part of the "MAGCON"

" Mine are too wait I'd they all are in the same group, mane they know each other?" she said excitedly. We jumped up and down than ran home and said bye and we might see each other soon that day.

* skip to when Amelia gets home *

Amelia's POV

I ran home pushed open the doer and asked, " Shawn,Jack,Cameron can I please go to my best friends house please please please!!!!???"

Shawn said, " Sure what's her name??"

" Her?? more like a him,"

" Ok then what's his name??"

" His name is Hayes and his brother is in "MAGCON" his name is Nash Grier"

" Hey let me text him and see if its ok."

Shawn's POV

~Text Conversation~

S- Hey Nash your brother and my Sister are friends and they wanted to ask if they could have a play date today and she could walk to your house and they could play.

N- Sure what time do you think she could come over??

S- um about 4:15 if its ok with you?

N- That's ok with me cause I don't have anything to do today so that works perfect.

S- Yes u do we have Magcon tonight at 6:40 so you got to get ready before. And we have to be there before 6:30.

N- Oh Ok no one gave me the memo so I'll be there around 6:25 probably. Thanks I'll see you soon. Bye.

S- Bye.

~ End of Text Conversation ~

" Ok Amelia your going to Hayes house at 4:15 and you'll stay there till 6:20."

"Ok thank you!! also can I have an iPhone when I'm in 5th grade??"

" Um let me think about that, SURE!!!"

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