Chapter 7

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*Elijah's POV*
The compound was empty, me and Niklaus had just gotten back from mystic falls, he wanted to spend some time with Caroline, I followed him along to relive some old memories. I clutched my chest pocket to see if her ribbon and napkin was still there. It was the closest thing I have to her since I had lost her.

Niklaus ran through the door "Elijah, it seems like I found a certain little vampire that went off our radar 150 years ago" he smiled

"Niklaus, what on earth are you talking about?" I asked

"She didn't die in 1864, well she did but she came back" he smiled, my heart started to thump louder

"Niklaus, who are you talking about?" I raised my voice, hoping for one name to be mentioned

"Claudia, Elijah, she's alive"

I ran into the bar Niklaus claimed she worked at. All I saw was Cami
"Where is she?" I shouted

"Elijah? What are you talking about?" She asked

"Cami, do not play games, I will repeat where is she?" Just as Cami was about to speak, I saw her. She came from round the back.
She was right there, I haven't been this close to her for 150 years
She hadn't changed, she was stunning

*Claudia's POV*
Oh no, he's found me. The bottles of beer I brought up dropped on the floor. Niklaus told him. I breathed heavily, my cover was blown.
"Claudia" he whispered, stepping closer to me, I stepped back, avoiding contact

"Elijah no" I raised 2 hands up, blocking any contact. He looked confused

"Claudia, I thought you were dead"

"Elijah , I don't want to talk here, let's talk somewhere else" I stated, leading him out of the door with Cami's go ahead.

We went back to my apartment, it was a mess. "I apologise for the mess" I said sarcastically

"It's okay, it would be difficult living without a hand maiden" he returned the tone of sarcasm. He closed the door behind him and turned to me "Claudia, why did you lie? Why didn't you find me?"

"Because Elijah, you left me, you chose to leave me, which proved you didn't love me. I wanted you to know what life is without me , because I knew about life without you, and it hurt like hell" I shouted

"Claudia, I came back for you, I wanted to marry you, I wanted a life with you. I even disowned Niklaus to come back for you" he replied, he sounded hurt.

"Well Elijah, you were a little late on that" I turned around and threw by bag on the sofa. When I turned back, he was right I front of me, his hand wandered to my chest where he held my locket

"I see you still have my locket on" he stated

"Well, it's my daylight necklace, I need it" I said defensively

"Well you could have asked Alice or any other witch to make you another one or atleast..." He paused and opened the locket, revealing both pictures still in place "taken the photos out" he clicked the locket closed and dropped it back on my chest. He looked down at my hand and grabbed it "oh, I see you already had a daylight ring made out, this means you have no excuse to wear the necklace" he smiled, making his point

"Just drop it Elijah" I sneered, pulling my hand out of his grasp. I threw myself on the sofa and he sat next to me, in silence for a while.

"So what have you been doing these past 150 years?" He asked

"I've bounced from town to town, visited England and ended up here for half a year now, but I've mainly been focussing on where I couldn't go, too many leads to the originals" I explained , he looked like a hurt puppy, his eyes widened.

"I thought you loved me, never mind trying to avoid me for years" he started

"I did love you Elijah, people change" I shrugged. I did love you. I do love you, I just can't admit it, I'm too proud.

We spoke for a while, awkwardly, just more time for me to fall again, I can't fall, I won't fall.

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