Gally Imagine #1

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 It was just another normal day in the Glade, the Gladers doing their jobs, Alby making sure every Glader was doing their job, and well me, I’m waiting for these shucking Maze walls to open to get my daily running in then head over to the Map Room. I guess you could say I was second in command of being a Runner, but Keeper of the Runners, Minho, thought differently. My thoughts were suddenly cut off by Minho surprising me by patting me on the back. “Ready to go shank?” Minho spoke with his stupid smirk on his face. “Whenever you decide to grow up shank.” You said with a small smirk appearing on your face while Minho just replied with his usual eye roll. Once the walls were open you and Minho raced to your sections as you remembered all the turns and twists of the dreadful Maze. Maybe just maybe you’ll get the shuck out of this place and live a normal life with your memories and family beside you. As you turned the last corner of your section you saw a dead end. Well looks like your normal life plans had just slimmed down quite a bit. As you sighed you decided it would be best to just go back to the Glade and map out your section and finally be done for the day. As you were heading back to the Glade you noticed how all the Gladers treated you different from the rest of the boys. It was probably because your a girl, but they treat you as a porcelain doll and it ticked you off. One person especially treated you like this, your best friend, Gally. Gally would be the nastiest person to the other Gladers always yelling at them for unreasonable things like talking or even staring at you. It was cute, but at the same time annoying because the last thing you want right now is no friends and the other Gladers treating you differently. You were startled by Minho sneaking up behind you and shook you almost making you fall to the ground. “That was a close one, Y/N” he said with his stupid smirk he had on earlier. As you both raced back to the Glade, you saw Gally and Newt standing at the entrance of the East Door. You instantly ran over to Gally and hugged him then hugging Newt receiving a glare from Gally. ”What’s up Gally?” you say curiously, usually Gally only comes to tell you something important, but for some reason it felt different. “I’ll tell you when you're done with the Map Room.” he said as he quickly walked away towards the Homestead. “What’s up with him, Newt?” you asked as he stood there as dumbfounded as you were. “If Ionly knew what the bloody hell was happening I would, but I don’t unfortunately. Did you find anything in the Maze?” “Does a dead end count?” you asked trying to add some humor into this conversation. He chuckled a bit then shrugged and headed to the Homestead where Gally had took off too. You took your chance to finally go to the Map Room and mapped out the last bit of your section. After you finished mapping out your section and got a thumbs up from Minho, you both walked over to the Kitchen to get dinner with the other Gladers. At the entrance of the kitchen, Gally was surprisingly waiting for you leaning against the frame of the door. “Hey, Y/N. Look it’s your boyfriend Gally waiting for you, how sweet” Minho mocked you as you hit him lightly in the arm and walked over to Gally. “Hey Gally, what’s so important that you

wanted to tell me?” He hesitantly looked around the Glade to see no Gladers and whispered “This” into your ear as he smashing his lips onto yours surprising you at first, but then kissing back with passion. You never wanted to admit it, but the second you got here the only Glader that really stood out was him with his eyes that just make you weak at your knees. Once you and Gally finally broke apart you just couldn’t look away from his beautiful green eyes. “Y/N, the moment you came up from the box I loved you so much. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and I just fall more madly in love with you by the second. Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” As I stood inches away from his face, I answered his question by closing the space between you and kissed him while wrapping your arms around. He instantly kissed back as he placed his arms aroud your waist. "I guess that means yes" Gally said as he regained his breath and smiled ear to ear as you smiled back and nodded. "Come on let's go get some food" Gally spoke as he held out his hand. You gladly took his hand and walked into the kitchen as you and Gally were holding hands. Maybe today wouldn't be as bad you thought it would be.


A/N        I'm reallllly sorry about not posting lately. Lately, I have been trampled with work from school and out of school. I'll try my hardest to post tomorrow, but no promises.

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