Hey all. Reason for this edit/repost is because I forgot something very important. I forgot to include Allison on the side. 

So initially it was going to be Lily Collins as our Allison, but one of the people below found someone I like just a tad bit more... She seems more Allison like to me in terms of looks and that is.... *drumroll*

SHELLEY HENNIG!!! To the side we have the lovely Shelley Hennig as our dear Allison. Hope you enjoy. :) 
P.S. I watched a few clips of her just now (because I'd never seen teen wolf) and her character seems a lot like Allison as well. Doesn't take crap. Doesn't trust easily. Yup. She's our girl. Haha Hope you enjoy!!!


I felt like the experiments these people were putting me on were starting to get closer together. I really had no concept of time, no idea how long I was out when they put me in a drug induced coma, it just felt like they were becoming more frequent. 

I was just glad that they'd moved from inflicting pain through sharp objects and moved on to testing my abilities. Although that proved to be painful as well depending on what they had me doing. I was always glad when it didn't involve running or walking. 

I would have been more excited about those, except apparently they knew I'd managed to make contact with someone. When they had me do something like that, they continuously administered the other drug, keeping the drug haze in place so I couldn't slip through again. 

I wished I hadn't shown signs of making that connection. I knew it had to have been something I'd done, a facial expression, something. They wouldn't have known unless I had. So it was my fault. 

I hadn't been able to help Alarik find me, not that I knew anything that could really help anyway. It appeared that today I was lifting weights. Doing anything to test my muscles and strength. 

I'd pointed out that they would get better results if they gave me proper sleep and nutrition. Apparently they hadn't been a fan of that response. Freemont just glared and told me to start. I was currently bench pressing. 

"Add more on." Freemont's voice carried from the other side of the room and I heard the clings as more weight was added onto the bar. I had no idea how much was on there. I'd stopped keeping track of it. I just lifted when they said. At least this wasn't painful. 

I was apparently working through the drugs as well. I could feel the haze clearing and just as I did I'd receive another dose. Apparently they'd discovered whatever it was that was causing it to wear off faster. 

"The Klarkes, Durins, and Jaegers are wanting to come watch the tests. Klarke has looked over the tests. She wants to watch it for herself." That was Cinthia this time. She'd started walking in instead of talking over the intercom. Apparently she'd gotten brave after our initial encounter. She knew I couldn't hurt her, though I wasn't sure if that's what she was afraid of. She'd seemed more put off by the blood than fear of me. 

I grimaced slightly at her words. More people wanted to come in and watch me. I was getting sick and tired of playing lab rat. 

Just then the door opened and I set the bar with the weights on the rest. Freemont wasn't paying any attention to me anymore. I watched him walk over and shake the hands of everyone who entered. One by one they filed in, five in total. 

"Klarke, Durin, Jaeger, so nice that you could join us." Each nodded in turn. apparently there were two Klarkes, Two Jaegers and one Durin. Last names. I wondered what kind of people operated under last names only. The only first names I'd gotten were Sam and Cinthia, and I'd learned they were under the rest of them. I wondered if it was some sort of ranking system. 

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