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Troyes Pov

Stupid. I was so stupid. My eyes began to fill with tears when Tyler had asked me why. I didn't know why. I just hated myself. I was to skinny and to pale and I was socially awkward. I must've been standing silent for a bit to long because Tyler said, "Troye what's up. Tell me why you did this. Are you there?"
I didn't know what to say. I looked at him, tears streaming down my face.
"I don't know Tyler" he hugged me and said "we will talk about it later" I nodded and cleaned up my face. We walked back to the table. Tyler and I were silent throughout dinner, even though Zoe and the others kept trying to start conversation.
After dinner I remembered we had that party. I didn't really want to go anymore but everyone else did so I guess I couldn't back out. "Hey guys I think me and Troye are gonna skip tonight's party and just head back to the room" Tyler announced. Everyone seemed okay with it. "I'll see you guys back in the room then later tonight." Connor said. We nodded and went outside and caught a cab. Ok the way back neither of us talked. I was dreading getting back because I knew he was going to be mad at me for cutting.

*about 20 minutes later*

We went upstairs into our room and I went and sat on my bed. Tyler walked in and shut the door. Shit. He locked it and came and sat next to me.
I looked over at him and realized his eyes were full of tears. "Troye why do you hurt yourself. Your such a great person I don't understand."
That's when I broke. He took me into a hug as I sobbed into his chest. I was so broken inside and all these years of acting happy. I just wanted Tyler to hold me forever.

Sorry this is short but I tried
Give it time I promise it'll get better this is my first time ever writing ❤️

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