Fat As Hell

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".....fat as hell..." --- Rayan "Ray Ray" Lopez


Craig "Prodigy" Crippen POV

Life in Atlanta couldn't be more beautiful. It had its small trails but nothing out the way. The only problem is I'm four months pregnant and starting to show and have no excuses at all. My brother is still looking for me, I decided to stay with my Aunt Lyric on my fathers side. EJ doesn't really deal with our fathers side too much so he doesn't know now and hopefully never will.

Prince is pregnant by Roc cause Roc gave him the serum and it worked. Roc just got out of prison early cause he changed his life around an became a Muslim. I'm not even gon hold you, Roc look fine as shit with a beard joe. Now he REALLY a babe and dude magnet. Prince already got in four fights since the nigga came home. Now Prince be calling me mad as shit cause Roc keep making him wear the head covering jawn. Prince said he be hot as shit in that piece of shit he hates it. And he miss eating ham and cheese hot pockets, bacon and pork neck bones. I was rolling cause I forgot Prince eat like an old fat black woman. Roc has been seeing a shrink for his mental issues and his new religion has kept him sane.

Bahja moved out the place with JL, they now have their own place. Jaden and Myles fell in love they now live in the house with my now bitter and drunk brother EJ. They say he's annoying, loud and often violent. They're thinking about kicking him out.

I'm currently in my kitchen in the dark late at night smoking weed from my bong thinking about how the fuck.....am I gonna tell my aunt Im pregnant? How do you even explain as a male? Who do I say is the baby's father? What if he looks smack like Ray? All these questions. Ray keeps saying to tell them I have an extra female chromosome that helps me get pregnant. On some super sci-fi shit...I cannot pull that corny shit off with a straight face. Then there's the fact that I'm fourteen...sex? How do I explain I've been having sex?

"Just tell them you were raped." Ray says all the time bruh and it feels like shit because it's not a lie. I was sort of raped....sort of, kind of. I still love Ray to death I know he would never but I can't say IT.

"I can't do this..." I cry putting my head in my hands.

"You'll be fine..." Ray turns on the kitchen light. He starts to take off his work button up.

"I-I....Never mind how was work baby?" I look up at him and smile weakly. He sits down across from me at the kitchen table. I take his leg and put it in between my thighs. I take off his steel toe boot and start massaging his foot.

"Oh god baby that feels so good." He groans grinning at me. I swear Ray feet never stank, it's so weird to me. He has such good hygiene cept that time I wasn't talking to him. And he was stank. But other then that he never is. He always smells so fresh and clean. I did his other foot and started to massage his legs. He put his legs down on the floor and grabbed my foot. Awww, he's gon massage ME. :)

I instantly feel insecure and embarrassed cause my foot and ankles are swollen. "Baby don't be insecure. It's so sexy how strong you are an what you endure....for our baby. I love you." He assures me running his hand down my cheek wiping away my tears. I kiss his palm.

"Th-thank you Boop." I nod and lean back just enjoying my massage.

"You're beautiful. Always." He licks his lips looking in my eyes, rubbing his thumbs in along my heels. "You know you should do what I say."

"I don't want to....it just doesn't sound right." I shrug running a shivering hand down my face.

"You have no choice Craig. You have to say something. You eat half the shit in here. You use all yo' aunt food stamps, you piss constantly, yo ankles is swollen...you getting fat as hell." Ray explains slapping the table with each sentence and I frown.

"I'm not fat as HELL!..I'm FLUFFY and I'm still sexy." I shove him out of his chair and run in my room.

"Baby....I really said all of that and all you heard was FAT?" Ray semi shouts getting up and storming into the room. I'm sitting on the bed with my arms folded across my chest.

"YES BECAUSE WHAT WAS ALL THAT BULLSHIT ABOUT ILL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL! FACE IT! I'm just a fat ass!" I weep covering my face with my hands.

Ray removes my hand, pulling me up and huffs out agitated, "NO YOU NOT! Stop saying that bullshit. Bae you beautiful. I-I just don't know how to describe....those of more weight other than fat. I-I mean Ima skinny ass nigga." Ray chuckles and I look at his retarded bimbo face and just chuckle too.

"You STUPID Boop." I pout and push him away poking my lips inward.

He sucks his teeth, "Don't make fun of the mentally challenged boop it's not funny!" He pushes me back and then we both hug laughing up a storm.

"OHH Ray Im so InLove with you. It's scary." I shake my head creeped out.

"You? I could literally get locked up for you. I'm way more deep in. Don't ever think I don't love you." He kisses my lips. We hear the door opening and instantly pull away from each other.

"RAY! CRAIG!" My auntie Lyric comes in, she walks in my room since my room is the dining room. Soon, I'm gonna get some doors put on the walk ins though. Me and Ray are just chilling on my bed like everything is normal. He's reading a magazine, I'm on my cell phone.

"Oh Hey. You two always are together. I can't believe Yall that close." My aunt laughs and Ray and I give her an awkward phony ass smile.

"Well, baby sitter and teens tend to be the best of friends. Read it in a magazine." Ray lies smiling fake'ly.

"Oh how was work Ray?" Lyric asks looking at Ray.

"UH, it was fine. Got a lot of shit done today." Ray nods and then gets up. "WELP Im going to bed. See you Craig. Goodnight Lyric." He then runs upstairs and I look at Lyric beaming.

"Craig....are you glowing? You look beautiful ? A little fluffy now....but beautiful." She compliments me looking me up and down nodding.

"Thank you." I reply back trying to keep my cool. She just nods and leaves my room. I collapse down on the bed and look at the ceiling. "Kill me NOW!" I say yanking my covers over my body and going to sleep....


SHORT but update tonight lovelies ! :)

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