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Here I am again,
At the stupid ass roof-top garden on top of the dumb cafe library place where I always go.... No one ever comes up here that's why I love it.

I turn on my little radio that I always bring and backseat serenade by all time low comes on.

I start patting my hands on my hips until I hear the strangest thing...

The door to the roof open I quickly scurry to the green house and sit right next to the home in the door.

There was a blonde who had just walked in and I gotta say he was pretty cute. Nice long legs hot lip ring and long hair quiff. He walked over to my radio and looked around a bit before picking it up and looking around

"Uh... hello?"

He set the radio down and walked around for a minuet

"Erm.. I know someone is here show your self."

I stood up but still outta sight and pulled me zipper down on my tight black skinny jeans. I walked out, once he saw me I pulled my zipper up convincing him I just had gone to the bathroom

He smiled, then waved. I did it back.
He pointed to the radio then raised his eyebrows at me, I quickly nodded my head telling him I was in fact my radio

He then bent over and turned it back on just to hear the ending of blink 182's song Adams song. We had both just smiled at each other
"Love this band" he said quickly sounding scared

I raised my eyebrows at him.
He furrowed his confusion.

I pulled out my phone and pointing at it. he pointed at his self. I quickly nodded my head yes.
He took his phone out of his back pocket, unlocked it and then handed it to me. I opened the contacts app added my number and texted my self a smiley face. After I handed him his phone back

Unknown: :-)

Me: I'm Michael

Unknown:I'm luke

I quickly added him to my contacts knowing I'm going to make friends with this luke guy

Luke:why text and not talk?

Me:I'm mute.

Luke:I thought you were Michael....xD

Me:haha very funny

I looked up seeing him smirking he then looked up he winked and then looked down and started typing again

Luke:I know right lol what are you doing up here?

Me:there's never anyone up here it's nice and peaceful.... I like it :)

Luke:how long have you been mute?

Me: 5 years, how come you aren't talking

Luke:I don't talk much either


Luke:I'm not mute but I don't like my voice and I never have anything I have to say.


Luke:lol I have to go, who knew a half an hour can go by
so fast

Me: haha right.
ok, later

I started to turn kinda sad until luke spoke up.

"I'm keeping your number"

I raised my eye brows

"So we can like talk-well text and maybe hang out sometime again" he said smirking once again and blushing a bit too

I nodded my head and turned my radio up he leaned over and kissed my cheek

I looked up with a redden face just to see he had one,but also with a smile

"I like you mute, lets hang out sometime yea?"

I blushed and smiled looking down and throwing a thumbs up.

With that he left and my cheek burned like hell.

......I have a crush on a guy who I just me....and I don't even know his last name

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