He's a Nerd. Part four

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He is still asleep. I am crying. Who would do this to such a sweet and innocent guy? I kiss his check then head to the gift shop. I see a spurs teddy bear. I remember Austin wearing a spurs jacket.

I buy it. When I get to the room Michelle is there. I put the teddy bear beside him and kiss his check. I turn back around Michelle gives me a dirty look. She doesn't like me.

"This is your fault!  If it wasn't for you he wouldn't have been beaten up."

"FYI I stood up for him." I stood my ground. By now Austin is awake.

"How did you stand up for him look at him!?"

"I helped him. I told the jocks to leave him alone. And not to pick on him cause its not funny." I said.

"She is telling the truth" Austin said.

"Get out! And stay out of his life" she said.

"Mom! (Y/N) Stay please. I love you"

"Austin she is the one who made you like this."

"No she didn't" she said. I start crying.

"Bye Austin. See you at school hopefully."

"No you won't. We are moving back to San Antonio." I walk out and sit against the wall. I bury my head in my hands and Cry.

A brunette boy walks up to me.

"Is Austin in there. And why you crying? Not being mean but maybe I can help."

"Yeah. And Michelle thinks it's my fault that Austin was beaten up by them jocks."

"Oh. Dont let her get to you. She is just blowing off some steam.  By the way my name is Alex."


"Oh your the one who he really likes." He said getting up. I blushed. He walks into the room and someone walks out.


" He can stay. But I have to go back to San Antonio. I want you to tell him." A smile goes across my face. I hug her.

"Thanks so much Michelle! "

Then she said something that made me happy.

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