Chapter 1: It Begins!

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It all began here. I look around the room and take everything in at once. I'm leaving it all here, for an adventure I've always wanted. My lips turn into a sad smile, one I never thought would show up on my face again. It truly is a sad day.

I look out the small window to my right and see that it had begun to rain slightly. It had been a very long time since it had rained in this tiny village of grass. My home town, Roland, was a small secluded place. A marine headquarters had been put up in the last few years deeming that it was time for me to go.

“Okay. I’m all packed and ready to head out into the vast open world!” I said, while plastering a huge smile on my face. I pull my sweatshirt hood over my head to keep the rain out of my face and hair. I would rather not have to deal with a huge mess of my hair today. I look around the small room once more before I turn around and head out the door. My first destination would be the town. I pull my backpack up on to my left shoulder and head in the direction of the town.

It takes only a few minutes to reach the outer part of the city. As I near the inner part of the city I start to hear loud noises and…. explosions? I start to pick up my speed and I realize that the cause of all the commotion this morning is one person. Not just any person but Monkey D. Luffy, my old friend from Dawn Island. A lot happened when I was there. It would be a very long and eventful story to tell you, so I’ll tell you some other day.

I scan the situation seeing Luffy run from the pub with food carried in his arms and the owner of the pub chasing him all over the town square. People are looking at them, some with confused faces and some with amused faces. “What is going on?!” I yell trying to get everyones attention but no one turns toward my voice. I scream even louder, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!”

Everyone looks at me with a confused look and then I hear Luffy scream my name even louder, “Maya!” He runs closer towards me with the pub owner still on his trail. Luffy has one of his infamous stupid grins. As he nears me I get ready for him to pummel me to the ground but I didn’t have enough time. Luffy has me an a death grip kind of hug stealing the small bit of breath from me.

“Hey Luffy, I thought you wouldn’t recognize me. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.” I hug him back with not nearly as much strength as he used. Luffy stands up with a smile on his face, as he does he extends his right hand to me. I take it and stand up with little effort. All over the ground is food. I guess Luffy dropped  his food on the ground when he tackled me.

Luffy looks right into my dark brown eyes, “Why wouldn’t I remember you? You were and still are my best friend!” A smile appears on my face as I hear him say that. I look around Luffy’s soldiers to see the owner of the pub running towards us.

“Uh, Luffy I think you still have some company. What did you do anyway? I hope you didn’t steal, did you pay for your food?” I bombard Luffy with questions but before I could continue he clamps his hand on my mouth.

“I may or may not have paid, but that’s not important right now. The old man already called the marines, we need to get out of here.” Luffy shows his stupid grin to me, while taking my hand. Before I have a chance to protest I’m being dragged away from the town square.

“What?! The marines? Why are you running from the marines?” I wonder what Luffy done that would make him run from the marines. We run toward the pier with Luffy showing the way.

Luffy turns his head around to look at me, “I think it’s because I’m a pirate!” he says with a loose smile. Luffy slows down a bit, lets go of my hand and jumps into a small boat. It rocks a little, making me think he’ll tip the tiny boat. Wait a minute, what am I doing? If I get caught it will be the end of my adventure, maybe my life.  I’m about to say something when Luffy says “Aren’t you are coming?”

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