Jessie’s POV-

            So, as the show went on, I’m sad to say that neither Ryan or me are in the finals. I was eliminated in the Top 12, while Ryan was eliminated not long after in the Top 8. Also, neither of us got enough votes to be this seasons Wildcard finalist. And tomorrow is the finale, which the entire Top 20 will be back to perform.

            “I can’t believe it’s all over tomorrow.”, I say to Ryan as we drink some coffee in the lounge area of the studio. “I can’t either. I mean, it seems like yesterday we were auditioning.”, he replies, taking a sip of his coffee. “Seriously.”, I laugh. He laughs with me, then looks over my shoulder. “What is it?”, I ask, turning around to see Ricky standing outside on the other side of the door.

            “I’ve gotta go.”, Ryan says suddenly, stand up and walking towards Ricky. “Where are you going?”, I ask. “Um…no where. Just gotta…pick something up. Be back later.”, he replies, rushing back over and giving me a quick kiss. He then runs back over to Ricky, and he’s gone.

A moment later, here comes Jean. “Hey baby face. What’s with the long face?”, she asks, sitting down. “Nothing. Ryan just ran off with Ricky.”, I tell her. “Why?”, she asks. “I don’t know. He said he had to pick up something.”, I continue. “Well…maybe it’s an early Christmas present. Be patient.”, she says with a smile. I smile back and say, “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Ryan’s POV-

            Tonight is the night. “The Voice” FINALE! I can’t believe it. We’re going to find out who the winner is. Plus, I’ve got…let’s just say I’ve got a surprise for tonight. And it’s something that I think will shock a lot of people.

            “ALRIGHT! Welcome back to ‘The Voice” live finale.”, Carson announces as I wait. “Now, while we’re here to find out who the winner is, we’ve got one artist who wants to say something special. Please welcome to the stage, Ryan Sill.”, he finally says. I then walk out and feel nerves all inside of my body.

            “Hey everybody!”, I say into the microphone, getting several shouts from the audience. “I just want to say that, this journey has been the most AMAZING experience of my life.”, I say, getting more cheers than before. “And, I want to give special thanks to Gwen, all the other coaches and artists, and especially the one person who has motivated me through more than the competition.”, I begin.

            “And I would like her to come up on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, Jessie Pitts.”, I say, gesturing for her to come on stage. I see her nervously coming from backstage and giving me a quick kiss, which got several “Awws” from the audience. “Jessie, I want you to know how much you mean to me and that you have helped me more than you or anyone else knows.”, I tell her with a smile.

            I see her begin to blush. “Well…I guess you could say I feel the same way. But…maybe more so.”, she laughs. “And…I want you to know that I truly do love you.”, I continue. “And…with that being said…”, I begin. Then, with as much calmness as I can, I bend down on one knee and pull out what I bought with Ricky last night. Jessie puts her hands over her mouth; which is exactly what Gwen is doing as well. “I don’t want anyone to take you from me.”

             I then open the small box holding a beautiful diamond ring and say what I’ve been waiting to say for the past two weeks. “Jessie Pitts…will you marry me?”, I ask. I hear several cheers coming from the audience and see Jessie with tears on her eyes. It takes her a minute to respond, and I fear that she’ll say no. Then, she finally answers. “Yes. Yes. YES!”, she says excitedly. I put the ring on her finger and give her the biggest kiss I’ve EVER given her.

        “I CALLED IT!”, we hear Gwen shout from her chair. Pretty soon, the coaches and the other contestants are all coming on stage. They’re cheering and screaming and congratulating us. The audience is in a frenzy over it, and all I can do is smile the entire time. “I can’t believe this” I think to myself. “I’m engaged!”

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