Wow your staying with us......interesting (continued)

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Ross pov

I missed sky so much she was all that was on my mind. I know she came back like a week ago. But she hasn't come to see me. I'm pretty upset what if she doesn't like me any more. We were friends since the day we met at the adoption home her blood mother adopted her back and so did my blood family adopt me back. We had interests in the same things and everything about her was perfect because she wasn't like the other girls. We talked and hung we were so close. I really hope she didn't forget about me:(

Skylers pov

We were walking to school guys were walking behind us and wolf whistles were going off in the air. But don't worry we've kinda gotten used to it. Me and Mitchie were talking when someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder I turned around and it was.........

......ROSSY (that's his nickname)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.....

I smiled a real big teethy smile and hugged him like really hug him. I can't believe I didn't do and see him when I came back. I feel so bad:{(

I introduced mitchie to Ross until we got to the school gates I hugged him goodbye and so did mitchie. We arranged to me up tonight. But before I stepped onto the school premises his hand grabbed my wrist.. I was soon facing him and he was smiling. But then I gave him a look that said are you ok? then he said " I've got good news I got the part for 'Austin and ally' you've got to come meet the cast and everyone at home missed you alot." He smiled and I was amazed he got his dream job. I am so so excited for him. ahh I'm so proud of him. I gave him another hug and a kiss on the cheek. (What were best friends.nothing more) mitchie walked up to him and gave him a hug and congratulated him so did I. Me and mitchie gave him a last kiss on the cheek and confirmed about tonight.

Mitchies pov

Ross is really funny and cool. I think sky and Ross would make a good couple. Did I mention we were getting wolf whistles. Omg guys must really like us! Well time for school.

Skylers pov.

I walked home really happy from school. It was so hot. When I say hot i mean boiling. So as we walked home I pulled my tie down a bit and undid my top button. And we both put our sun glasses. We also stopped to go and get like a massive cup of slush each. That's how hot it was mitchie is such a great friend she kept on congratulating me and offered to buy but of corse it was my treat.

We got to the front door and my sister was there waiting for us. I wonder why. I walked up to her and asked " why are you just standing here you look like a stalker. Your lucky I recognised otherwise I would be beating your ass." I chuckled and so did her and Mitch (that's mitchies nickname). Maddi my sister just replied with " wellllll. I kinda lost my key so I waited her for you" I sighed and asked " wellll. Why didn't you just knock on the door and mum would've answered it" "oh yeah" did I mention my sister isn't one of the smartest people you would know. I rolled my and just as I was about to put the key in the door maddi stopped me and said "why didn't you get me one." She sid pointing at our slushes. Me and Mitch rolled our eyes and mitchie said " we didn't know you would've wanted one" " well can we go and get one, it's really hot" we rolled our eyes frustrated at her especially me knowing that would have to buy it because I work and she doesn't and she spoilt. Ugh. Why does my sister have to do this to me. Sometimes I wonder if she really is my sister.

30 minutes later

It takes 5 minutes to get there but no there has to be a massive line and then she takes forever to order and me and mitchie are still drinking our slushes because we have to keep responding to her and now it's 4:50. School finishes at 4:00 we live 10 minutes away and now we had to go get her a slush. And then when we went back home. I opened the door whilst listening to music. I heard mum chatting to people in the living room so as we walked past maddie went in and I just shouted out" were home" until I thought I saw some familiar faces.

Jai's pov

Landed. We were walking with our girlfriends and mum and jay Sean and Ronnie and Miriam and angie. mums friend picked us up. Luckily there were no paps. As we arrived we were all in awe. The house was massive. We took our bags in and Stephanie gave us a tour around the downstairs. They had a swimming pool and a little room which had the sight of little mix on it. I had no idea what that meant. Ariana was looking as beautifully as ever. Like always. Luke and Kiana. Beau and April, James and Michelle and skip and Lily.

Luke's pov

If you've read Jai's pov you probably know what's happening. So skyler walked in and so did her friend I think. She was in her school uniform wearing sunglasses and holding a cup of slush. She looked ho...I mean nice.

Ariana's as pov

She's here were staying with ....her. Ugh. Just why. The same house as her, I gave her a dirty look but in a way so no one would notice except her. She was wearing her school uniform hair down snap back and sun glasses. Well look who's changed. She had in one earphone. To be honest she looked hot and cool. I hate her.

Skylers pov

Wow. They're staying with us...interesting. I scanned the room. All of the janoskains all their girlfriend and probably lipukes girlfriend,Gina,angie,Ronnie,Miriam and I think his name is jay Sean I've never met him. I took off my sunglasses and earphones. And turned to face my mum soon enought she asked all of us " where were you" we all started jabbering at the same time then mum said "zzzzzip it, skyler?" She asked raising an eyebrow. I sighed and said " well, we were walking home from school but cause it was so hot we stopped to get slushes and when we turn up at front door we see her standing by the door like a stalker. When I asked why she didn't go inside then she said she lost the key and now by the way we need to change the lock. Then she stopped us opening the door cause she wanted slush so we al went back to the store and there was a massive line then she took forever to pick one flavour and ended up picking 4 noting that I had to pay for it cause I work unlike her then we came back and we are her. Oh and maddi you need to pay me back" I said the last bit looking at her. What? It was $10.50 for a large and all those flavours. And I said that all calmly. And gave a small smile. I smiled. To be honest she was actually happy for me. Wow. She hugged me and kept on congratulating me. " oh and I caught up with Ross today and gues what, he an actor now he got a main part in Austin and ally." I exclaimed then she said " I'm very very proud of him" she smiled. "So who are they" mitchie and Maddi said. Mum then replied " this is jai arina beau April james Michelle Danielle lily Luke kiana Gina Ronnie Miriam jay Sean and angie" she smiled " I was also hoping if mitch and sky could show Gina Luke kiana ariana jai James Michelle beau summer and Daniel and lily and Ronnie and Miriam and

Maddi can show angie and jay Sean around"

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