A/N: Well I just got tired of seeing people insulting others with calling them fags, faggots and gays, like it was something that wasn't human and then I made this.

Gay, gay, gay

People throw the word around
Like it has no valued attention

But it does

The attention is valued, so much
Specially in what you throw it out

of your mouth

Gay, gay, gay

A rythm of words I must say
A word that inspires me of hope

For the freak shows

I am not gay, but label a freak
I am for sure that, a giant freak

But Gay isn't

Freak, freak, freak

Those title don't go along
Like couples holding hands

As they walk

Gay people have a heart
Just the same as we have

Pumping out blood

They have feelings, that sadly
is not respect among society

Gay, gay, gay

Is shouted as if it is an insult
When it just a norm for people

who feel differently

About who the like, compared to us
Don't judge them, judge those who judge

Cause they're wrong

They are so damn wrong for even thinking it
But listen carefully and remember in your heart that

Gay is OKAY

Gay, gay, gay

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