Alone Together 4

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As Thomas walked out in the homestead, Paige started to freak out inside.

"What the shuck did he mean?" She ask herself out loud.

"And who is this he?"

Turning to sound of the voice, Paige sees it's her boyfriend, Newt. Immediately she smiles.

"How you feeling." He asked sweetly as he walked over.

"Good." Paige lied.

Sitting down in the seat next to Paige's hammock, Newt grabbed her hands.

"I'm so proud. I'm gonna be a father." He laughs. His laugh was contagious, so Paige laughed as well.

But soon the laugh turning into a smile, a smile turned into a straight face, the straight face turned into a frown, and then the frown turned into tears.

"Baby what's wrong? Are you in pain?" Newt says concerned.

"Newt. Be honest." Paige thinks about how she'll purpose the question to Newt. But it just spills out.

"Do you. Do you want the baby?" She asks.

Newts eyes widen, but then he relaxes and collects himself.

That was weird. Paige thought to herself.

"Paige." Newt slowly breathed in and smiled.

"Why wouldn't I want the baby? I mean I'm proud, this the second happiest thing that has happened to me in my life. Well, from what I can remember." Newt reassured Paige as his hands intertwined with Paige's.

"What's the first happiest thing that's ever happened to you?" Paige whispered to Newt.

JK 😂
Anyways I know it's been like 1 million years since I have updated but that was because I've had writers block for 1 million years so yeah.
I wanted to end this one quick cause i have a good idea for the next one 💁👏

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