Chapter 2: Let's go there

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Stephanie's POV

For some odd reason I woke up early the next morning, around 10, I know its not early but to me its early compared to waking up around 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Then I remebered that the boys spent the night last night. As soon as I remebered that I jumped up and went searching for clothes. I grabbed a Tank-Top, pair of sweat pants, one of Zayns hodies that I had in the closet, underwear, and a bra. I went into the bathroom I had in the room,undressed, hoped in the shower and washed my hair and body. When I got out I dried myself and got dressed. After I got dressed I straightened my hair and put light make-up on. For some reason I wanted to look better then usually, I knew it was Niall. As I walked out of the bathroom I put my clothes in the laundry basket and decided to sit on the bed for a few to play on my phone.

Niall's POV

After I got up I went downstairs to the kitchen. Everyone was down here except Zayn and Stephanie. As i walked into the kitchen Harry and Louis looked up at me with smirks drawn upon there faces. "What?" I asked them as Liam looked kinda annoyed. "We know you have a crush on Stephanie." Harry said as Louis nodded. "Shut-up" Liam growled. Louis looked at him questionly. "Whats up with you Daddy-direction" he said as he stared at him like he was stuipid. "Nothing, I just don't want to talk about this subject" He told us. "No, no. You have a crush on her too, don't you Liam?" Harry asked suspicious of Liam. "No, just leave me alone" He said through gritted teeth.

I knew that had to mean he had a crush on her too. And I knew that she would choose him over me in a heartbeat. For some odd reason I knew I had to make her mine some how. I walked over to the fridge and opened it. I quickly found the eggs and was looking for some bacon, not caring what kind it would be even if it was microwavable. I didn't find any, so i turned around and asked the boys. "How would we know, it isn't even our house, go upstairs and ask Stephanie" Louis told me. He knew that I would be embarrassed to go up there, to her bedroom. "Y-y-you think I should?" I asked nervously. "Yeah mate. why not?" Harry piped in. "I don't know. What if I wake her up?" I said quickly. "Stop being a pussy, grow a pair and go fucking ask her" Liam said still annoyed. Louis and Harry stood there wide-eyed at him and I stood there shocked at his language. Liam never- and I mean never spoke like that except when he was dead serious about something.

"Al-alright, I will then" I said trying to stop stuttering. I knew I was only stuttering because i was either thinking about her, talking about her, or talking to her. "And stop fucking stuttering, we know you have a goddamn crush on her so stop fucking stuttering" He said staring at me with daggers. "Stop being a smart-ass then" I told him 'cause his attitude was getting on my nerves. Louis chuckled at my comment, he knew cursing was my habit. Harry then quickly elbowed him in the ribs and all you heard was an "omf" come out of Louis' mouth.

I turned on my heels, walked out the kitchen, and upstairs until i was right outside of her room.I stood there for a few seconds running my fingers through my hair, trying to make it look decent. Then I got the nerves and knocked on her bedroom door. Within seconds she was there, hand on the door, and staring at me slightly confused. "Niall" She said happily. "I-I-I-I" was all that came out of my mouth.

Stephanie's POV

There was a knock on my door while i was sitting on my bed. I quickly got up and opened it. I was slightly confused for an second, until my mouth opened "Niall" I said happily that he was right in front of me. Sadly, all that came out of his was a stuttered out "I". I was worried and confused that he only said that. "Are you alright Niall?" I asked nervously. "Um, ugh, y-yeah. I-I was wondering i-if you had any bacon?" he said as he quickly looked to the ground. "ugh, yeah. I'll show you if you dont mind?" was my reply. "Yeah, that'd be nice" he said as he looked up at me and smiled. I was kinda happy that he wasn't stuttering any more, even know it made him look more innocent and cute.

A few hours later that day

Niall's POV

After the incident with me and her at the door, she showed me where the bacon was and helped make breakfast for everyone. Zayn didn't get up for a few more hours so we just put his breakfast in the microwave. After we ate we talked in the living room. I was kind of annoyed because Liam kept sitting next to her, touching her arm or knee, and kept watching her every move.

About 2 hours after talking in her living room, Zayn came down stairs. He looked pretty tired and his sweat pant were sorta falling down. I watched as Harry got his attention silently. Zayn nodded and motioned to the hall way as he got up and went out there.

Harry's POV

Zayn came into the living room after about two hours of talking. I got his attention and he motioned to talk in the hallway. So I got up and followed him out there. "What's up?" he asked his voice a bit raspy. "Uhm, you know how Niall has a crush on Stephanie?" I said not knowing how to get it out. "Duh, who doesn't know that. What about it?" he told me. "Well, Liam has a crush on her too. And even though I only knew you guys a few months, I know he'll be heartbroken and you know how I hate when he cries." I jabbered on. He looked a bit stunned at what I said. "Bu-but how do you know?" he asked a bit hazily.
"Mate, he gets upset every time Niall talks about her, and he won't stop touching her and talking to her."
"What do you mean by touching her?" he asked expecting the worse.
"Not like that. He touches her arm and her knee, not in a sexual way like you think."
"Ugh, okay. I'll talk to her about it later on or tomorrow morning."
"Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you if we could spend the night again since we have to go to practice for the X."
"Uh, yeah I'll talk to Steph and she'll let you guys. Okay?"

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