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When they first started dating, Dean took Cas to an ice cream shop. It was the height of summer, hot and humid outside, and they were happy to find the store, with its cold interior and delicious ice cream.

They sat down in a booth, and Cas eagerly dug in to his chocolate sundae. Syrup, gummy bears, chocolate chips, cherries, and other sweets were piled on top of it, finishing with nearly half a can of whipped cream. Dean was sipping a strawberry milkshake, humming an Elvis song as he watched Cas, smiling.

"You're so cute when you're excited," he chuckled, biting the straw. "Angel."

Cas looked up, whipped cream sliding off his nose, and made a confused noise that was halfway between a squeak and a grunt.

"Thank you, Dean," his gruff voice sounding nothing like his adorable appearance. "I find you aesthetically appealing also.

The hunter laughed- Cas's use of big words was always funny. He always talked in such a formal way, a walking textbook. He could recite the dictionary definition of any word off the top of his head, name a flower from a single glance, identify a bird just from its song.

And here he was, with ice cream on his upper lip and whipped cream on his nose.

Dean leaned in to kiss the white sweetness off his nose, grinning.

Cas looked a bit surprised when Dean leaned back- still unused to the random kisses his boyfriend often doled out at weird times.

"You have soft lips, Dean," he murmured, touching a finger to his nose. A blush hit his cheeks. "I mean-"

Dean pressed a finger to Cas's lips, shutting him up. "Shh. I know." Then he smiled, sighed, replaced his finger with his mouth.

That always shut Cas up.

When they broke away, their lips cold from the ice cream and hot from the intensity, Cas dove right back into his ice cream, eating with an increased hunger, picking a cherry stem out of his mouth.

"Hey- I'm sorry to interrupt, but you guys are honestly the cutest couple ever."

They glanced up to see their waitress, a young teenage girl with her blond hair in low pigtails and her blue eyes rimmed with black eyeliner. She blushed and giggled. "Sorry."

Dean offered her a smile. "No, it's fine. Thanks."

As she walked away, giving them a cheery nod, Cas captured his boyfriend's lips with an ice creamy kiss. "We are the cutest couple, Dean," he agreed.

Why were they buying ice cream, when the sweetest thing was right in front of them?

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