Chapter 1

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"So you're basically telling me that your brother is back in town?"

I asked my best friend Callie. She nodded making blond curls bounce perfectly around her head. Her blue eyes looked annoyed as they usually do when she get news about her brother. Her brother, Tate isn't exactly a gentleman. Neither is he a good friend for any girl. He's approaching you? Run. Run as fast as you can because I've heard a lot of stuff lately from Callie about Tate. Like, he got kicked out of school because he screwed almost every fúckable girl. And that's just sad and messed up. he's probably gotten like over a hundred V-cards during that time. Maybe even some STDs. he probably have many of those from before so, no.

"And I have to share room with that asshole."

She said and sighed. She tucked a blonde curl behind her ear and grabbed firmly around her bag.

"Make sure you tell your family about the dinner at my place later, ok?"

I sighed. I did not want to meet her brother again. last time I saw that douche he was sitting on the couch jerking off. not a happy memory. I was like, fourteen, while he had just turned fifteen. I've had nightmares ever since. And yes He is Callie's twin.

"Yes sir."

I said and saluted her before I grabbed my bag as well. High school is extremely boring. I wonder how I'm supposed to get through this year when Tate is back in same school as me again. he was the talk of the school right now. Especially between girls. A lot of guys too discussing how to hide their girlfriends from him, making sure they wouldn't do him once then leave them for him getting their hearts shattered. I waved at Callie as she walked away on her way towards the parking lot.

My phone buzzed and I took it out of my pocket seeing I'd gotten a message from my boyfriend. He wasn't able to give me a ride home today because of football practice.

"Perfect, just perfect."

I mumbled and walked out after Callie hoping she hadn't left yet. Of course she was gone and Chad wasn't able to drive me home unless I waited for like two hours or so. I was not enough into the sport to sit there and watch sweaty guys run around with a ball for two hours. I sat down on the stairs up to the entrance door fishing my phone out of my pocket dialing mom's number when suddenly a motorcycle came in full speed clearly making a ruckus, drove into the parking lot. I eyed it suspiciously as it came towards me. This seemed kind of, familiar.

"Long time no see Addie."

The guy on the bike said making my face turn white as snow. all blood getting drained. veins with ice flowing through them and all that shit.

"No fucking way.""

I groaned and leaned backwards on the steps of the staircase frustrated.

"Yes fucking way, jump on."

He said and took his helmet off surprising me hella much when I saw how much his looks had improved. Dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, straight nose, full lips, and what a jawline. Damn.

"No I'd rather not."

I said and dialed my mom's number again only going straight to voice mail. seriously mom? I need you and your car right now.

"Come on Addie, I'll get you home safely."

He said and winked while smirking at me. he had to be kidding. He was just, just, so annoying, Id rather wait for Chad than Jump onto that death trap. If I had a death wish then yes I would, but I don't do no f'ing way.

"Your loss."

He said and put the helmet back on starting the beast to take of.

"This is going to be three fuck ass long years."

I mumbled and grabbed my bag moving towards the football field.

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