Chapter 6

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I didn't know how to tell her. She looks at Ivy and her face was facing down. "Ivy?" She asked. " it's a long story Mara let's just get you home" I said. She looks at her legs and arms. " oh fuck what the fuck happened?she said. she lock her eyes at mine. there were getting watery. "What fucken happen Mara?" Im not sure I just remember that we came here at midnight and we saw a blue and-" " just get me home!" She yelled interrupting me. she looked down. she knows something. "Mara do you know something that we don't know" . " No just get me home !" She yelled. " Mara I know-" I said until Ivy interrupts me. "stop haze , leave her alone she wants to go home okay ,just forget what just happened" she said and help to get Mara up. "It's not like it's my fault okay I knew something was wrong what we were doing you guys were pressuring me!" I yelled. they both look at me. "Just let me take you home" I said and walk passed them. I was driving and Ivy was with Mara in the backseat. Mara kept looking at me from the rearview mirror . She knows something and I am going to mention again. " Mara we couldn't find you anywhere ,we were worried "i said. She kept quiet. " I'm just glad we found you ,safe and sound" I said and half smiled. "Haze I don't want you mention what happened last night or nothing , let's pretend nothing happened okay!" She said and look at Ivy . Ivy nodded and she looks at me . I didn't nodded. "haze you hear me!"she said. " you could pretend nothing happen but you can't trick your brain that you didn't see anything, memories reply in you , they won't erase " I said looking straight focusing in the road. "I just want to go home" she said. " well I'm taking you right now, Ivy your going with her and make up an excuse or some shit like that " I said. All I knew is that this was something paranormal , I knew human kind wasn't prepare for this. what I did there to Mara was unexplainable ,I have to find out what did we face in those woods.

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