Chapter 2 - An Exciting Development

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Merely an hour or so after her little talk with Katherine, Carmen’s fantasy about meeting the demon prisoner seemed to be coming true.


Previously, she had been wandering the castle halls, placing her entire being on the case of her marriage. She let her feet guide her, for they knew her usual rounds, and before long, she had traced every hallway in the castle, excluding the ones that were off limits to her. It was good exercise, no doubt, but it calmed her down, more than anything else, and while she was walking, Carmen felt that she was at the peak of her intelligence.


So far, she had come up with a moderately cunning plan to trick her father with, and had considered a few back-up plans if the first happened to fail. All of this had been accomplished within the past sixty minutes, and Carmen took pride in her ability to strategize in the silence, because ordinarily, nothing could distract her when she was like this.


But when she suddenly heard a servant shout, “The demon prisoner tried to escape again!” she couldn’t help but drop everything to quench her curious mind.


At that comment, Carmen’s head whipped to the side, and all marriage thoughts, which had been swirling in her head like a massive tidal wave, were completely and utterly forgotten.


Two frantic maids dashed through the halls, whispering loudly about the newest gossip.


...Surely, they weren’t really talking about him again…?


It didn’t seem like it was only a coincidence that Carmen had just been thinking about him earlier that day, did it? In her mind that was still on overdrive, this phenomenon seemed to be something more than just a simple turn of events. She was meant to meet this man. And she had to do it today.


Carmen knew enough gossip about the prisoner as it was. She didn’t need another day of listening to the maids talking to score more information on him. She already knew thathe was said to be so terrifying that you could not even stand to look in his eyes.


She knew that hewas said to be so demonic that many considered him to not even be human.


She knew that hewas the element of fear in the hearts of every Sunagakure citizen.


And Carmen, to say the least, really wanted to meet him.


“Servants!” she called ahead.


Immediately the two stopped, swiveling back around so they were facing her. “Yes Princess?”


Carmen smiled warmly. “You wouldn’t happen to be talking about the demon prisoner, would you?”


They stiffened, yet nodded, as if knowing that they couldn’t lie to her.


“Yes, Princess. We were indeed, Princess.”


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