Chapter 9

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Kaylee POV

Maria went the Brett’s house; she said something about having to do some Luna stuff. I found out Maria had taken on the temporal role of Luna after her father passed away because her mom was too distraught to.

So here I am watching the kids. Charlotte and Bailey are in the playroom and Dalton is down in the basement.

I was working on lunch; nothing like some mac ’n’ cheese and hot dogs. Once I finished and made four plates I called for the kids to come eat. The girls came running and after putting Bailey in her booster seat they began to dig in. After ten minutes Dalton still hadn’t come up so I decided I’d have to go down and get him.

The basement was big with a mini kitchen and recreation area full of work out equipment. There were two doors on the left wall. Upon opening the first I saw Dalton’s room, but he wasn’t in it. I walked in and saw a bathroom and walk-in closet but he wasn’t in either. Time to check the other door; I opened it to be welcomed to a home theater and there Dalton sat in the front row, playing some game on the huge screen.

“Dalton time for lunch.” He obviously wasn’t happy that I interrupted him because he gave a sigh.

“I’m not hungry.” I would have believed that if he would have eaten breakfast but he hadn’t been upstairs yet today.

“I don’t care you need to eat something.” With that I went and turned off the game system he was on. He gave me a look of shock and anger.

“WHY’D YOU DO THAT?!?!” He screamed at me, but unlike men kids don’t scare me; male or female.

“Eat and you can come back to playing, but if you don’t then I’m taking the game system and hiding it until your mom gets home.” Shock reappeared on his face obviously thinking I’m bluffing.

“You wouldn’t…”

“I would.” I gave him a firm look and crossed my arms to show I meant it.

“I don’t get you. I thought you were afraid of guys.”

“I’m afraid of guys with power though I’m working on it. Kids on the other hand I can handle.”

The only respect women got in my old pack was from the young boys. Alpha wanted it that way to show them that the women were part of the reason they’re around. Though once the boys shifted they no longer had to respect us and could begin bossing women around. I know it was weird and I don’t entirely get it but it was what it was.

“Fine but on one condition. Play with me after lunch.”

“You really don’t want that, I’ve never played and I know I’ll be bad at it.”

“I’ll teach you,” Dalton was grinning. He must desperately want someone else to play with.

“Okay I’ll try.” Dalton ran up the stairs quickly to eat so he could get back to the game.

Lunch was really nice; Charlotte and Bailey decided to tell me about how in the game they were playing Charlotte was the mom and Bailey was her teenage daughter. Apparently Charlotte’s husband was the alpha of the pack and Bailey was training to take over. I got a kick out of it, though Dalton seemed bored.

After cleaning the dishes I joined Dalton in the basement. After explaining what you do in Halo and showing me the controls we began to play. I was bad, but the more I played the better I got. I had just gotten killed for what felt like the millionth time when I heard a chuckle behind me. Dalton and I turned to see Brett leaning on the door frame watching us or more like me. I blushed and hid my face in my shoulder.

“You two joining us for dinner or???” Brett asked with amusement on his face.

“What time is it?” I didn’t think I’d been playing for that long.


“Five! Dalton we’ve been playing for four hours?!” Dalton just shrugged. Brett began to laugh again as I got up and started to head upstairs. Brett trailed behind me but not before using his alpha tone to command Dalton came up to dinner. I did shiver a little at hearing it. What it scared me!

We ate and like the day before Brett and I talked afterwards. I learned more about him and I was warming up to the idea of being with Brett. This calm side of Brett was welcoming and I just wish he could always be like this. When it was time for him to leave I walked him to the door and like he did before he kissed my forehead and left.

I turned and there Maria was smirking at me.


“You didn’t flinch away when he touched you nor did you look nervous.” She was smiled knowing I was giving him a chance.

“I like the tranquil Brett.”

“Haha me too, in fact I think everyone does. So are you going this weekend?” That’s right the dinner ball thing was in two days.

“If these next two days are as good as the past two then yes. Though I have nothing to where…”

“We’ll go shopping,” Maria grinned she must like to shopping.

“I’ve never been shopping…”

“You’ll love it; we’ll get you some clothes while we’re at it to! We can make a whole day out of it!” She squealed at the thought of a girls day with me. I smiled not wanting her to see my nervousness.

“Great!” I tried to fake my happiness. “Ehh, well I’m going to get some sleep then.”

“Night Kaylee. I can’t wait for tomorrow!”

“Night Maria” I said as I made my way to my room.

I showered and got dressed in a set of pajamas Maria gave me. I laid down and drifted off to sleep until a nightmare awoke me. You’d think this one would involve my old alpha but no this one had Brett’s pack members in it. They had cornered me and screamed about how terrible a Luna I would be and had their canines ready. Next thing I knew one of them jumped at me sinking their teeth in my neck and I shot up panting for air.

How was I supposed to go shopping tomorrow? Where there are stores there are people and I’m not sure if I’m ready to meet people in the pack. After all they expect me to be this great Luna and when they see this week girl what will they think. They won’t accept me and then in order to rid of me they’ll put me to death. I can’t go shopping. I can’t go to the dinner thing. I can’t leave the comfort of Maria’s house.

I need to talk to Lucy; she’ll know how I feel and what to do. Most importantly if she could get past everything and be a great Luna then I could to.

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