College: Last Party

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Hey guys, so this is the last of College. So when college is done then all the characters I made up in College won't really matter okay. Okay hope you enjoy the chapter! Also just so you know they are all 25. Okay so now you know. Well maybe one or two! I don't know. I will make it up!!! Enjoy lovelies who wait for me!!!! ❤️😘

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Today was the last day of college. They were going to hold a party. Cami, Fran, Indi, Lud we're hosting. They were really excited.

They all went to the Main Hall. Honey,Oscar,Millie,Brian,Trent were all there waiting for them. Everybody took their seats and waited for them to speak.

"Good Morning guys. Today is the last day of college for you guys!" Oscar said cheerfully. "So we heard about the party and we will let you spend the day getting ready for it. Making the hall look nice. Whatever you want because today is the last say if ever setting foot in here. So have fun! Also Cami has asked me to inform you that the theme is PROM!" Honey said to them with a grin from ear to ear.

Everybody cheered. Everybody left to do their own things. Vilu,Andres,Diego,Jason. Leon,Maxi,Fede,Broadway,Naty stayed to help. "Okay so the theme is Prom. So make this place look magical. With lights. We have hired photo booths. We got props. We got some activities. Okay let's go!" Indi shouted and everybody went to work.

They put the lights and everything else.

When they were done the place looked amazing. They had a red carpet to enter the hall. When they entered there would be a photographer taking your picture. Then as you went in there were tables. On the sides were some group activities. There was also a photo booth that came. So by the photo booth there were some props, like hats and those feather scarves etc. there were lights around the wall. Then on the ceiling there was those drapes going across and they were blue. Then on those were some lights. There was some petals for when you had your photo taken when you came in. Then there were refreshments like some cold drink, juice,ice tea. Then there were sweets. There were chips. Then Jason ha made punch. Then the on the stage, the very big stage, the dancefloor. They had put some of those dance lights there. They had also hired a DJ. The DJ was just by the stairs for the dancefloor/stage. Then because the Hall led to outside they had decorated the stairs. They had also made the outside look pretty. Then outside there were lanterns. One for everybody. So you would have one with your name. When the next day came they would all go out and light them and watch them go. Then the final part which only Jason,Leon,Fede and Andres knew about was when everybody was out. After they lit their lanterns they would stay outside for abit. And then the boys would switch the sprinklers on.

They went to get ready. (Outfits in media. It is initials and the colour of dress to tell you)

VILU was wearing a dark purple strapless dress. From the chest to above the knees it was the dress part. Then there was some material from the belly button to the floor. The top had a pattern of diamonds. With that she was wearing a pair of purple high heels. Around was a velvety material. Then by the toes there was a lilac material that went around the toes, then to top it there was a bow on top of the lilac material. She had straightened her hair and curled the ends. She painted her nails dark purple. She put pink blush and eyeshadow with pink lipgloss, topped with lipstick and then lipgloss to make it shine.

Cami was wearing a pink strapless dress. The top was glittery while the bottom was plain pink silk. Under that was a pink layer. The. One more under that which was silk. In the middle was a pink silk bow. With that was a pair of pink high heels. They were like Vilu's except around the heel was a pink silk material. A light pink material that went around her toes with a pink bow on top. She was straightening her hair and putting a flower tiara kind of thing. The one that went around your head. She was wearing pink makeup and just pink lipstick.

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