Chapter 33: College: new director and assignment

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Vilu woke up in her dorm. She looked to see if she would have to wake up Indi and Lud. She turned around an saw two empty made beds. "what" She said out loud. She went to the bathrooms and saw them empty. She went to her clock and saw the time 8:50

School started in 15 minutes. Vilu ran in the shower and had a five minute shower. She changed in two minutes and just brushed her hair. She ran out and went to the Hall. Everybody was gone. She grabbed a breakfast bar and a banana and ran to the Millie's classroom.

She saw Leon the last person to go in go in and made a final sprint and walked in just after Leon. "Hey late bird" Leon said to her smiling. She grinned. VILU walked over to Indi and Lud. "Why didn't you wake me up!" She whisper yelled. "You looked so peaceful" Lud replied. Vilu glared at them and they laughed. Vilu glared at them.

**>>> TIME SKIP >>>**

They made their way to their last class, dance class with Trent. They walked into the studio talking. Trent stood in the front flexing his muscles. Devon and Ally swooned. Trent heard them and turned to the class. "Good afternoon class" he said winking at Devon and Ally. They fell into the arms of Gery and Alexa.

Trent laughed and started talking. "Class I would like to focus on emotions of dance. Can somebody demonstrate love for me. You can choose anybody to be your partner." Trent looked around and then saw Alex put his hand up. "So who will be your partner?" "I dont really know anybody to do it on" Alex replied truthfully.

Trent thought for a bit. "Vilu. Go with him!" Trent ordered. Leon was about to object when Diego and Broadway pulled him back. "Don't do it" they told him. Leon wanted to protest but then gave in. Vilu went up nervously. She gave Leon a help-me look. He gave her a I-am-sorry-but-I-can't look.

VILU walks grudgingly towards the center of the studio. She plasters a fake smile onto her face. Alex smiles lightly to her. Devon starts the music and Alex starts dancing. He starts dancing around her. He takes her hands d twirls her around. She comes around and sees Leon smiling widely at her.

'Leon' picks her up and spins her and she sees Alex. He starts dancing again and she sees Leon. Viku was very confused now. He starts walking to her and then it turns to Alex again. Vilu is confused and falls down. Devon stops the music and Leon rushes to her. "You okay?" He asks her. Vilu nods.

He helps her up. "Well class is over. You have a meeting with Oscar (the owner/director of the College)" Trent says to the class. The class files out of the classroom and into the Majn Room. They saw Oscar talking to a woman that they never knew.

Oscar was an old man. He wore suits with formal shoes, usually black shoes and usually grey suits.

The woman he was talking to looked young and full of life. She was wearing blue skinny pants and a colorful top. She wore long earrings and a colorful beaded bracelet. She had golden hair which and had a little bit clipped. She had light pink lipstick. She was a big tanned. To top it all off she was wearing tan heels.

Once Oscar saw everybody was here he bang talking.

"So I cannot be the director of the College anymore. But I will not leave you without one. Everybody please meet Honey. She is the new director of the studio" Oscar said happily.

All eyes turned to Honey. She blushed a bit with all the eyes but then out on a confident smile on her face. "Hey guys, I'm Honey and I'm really excited to get to know each and everyone of you!" "Hey Honey!" Everybody said back.

"Okay. I know all Of you can sing and dance great but I am making my own assignment. This will include all of your subjects. You will be in teams of two. Boy and Girl. You will compose and write a love song. I heard that in dance you are learning emotions and the First one is love. So that is your theme. So once you have the song you will then make a dance for it. That is your assignment. I will put it on the notice board to remind you. Okay you may start. And don't forget that it has to be love. But any type of love. And let me add that you have five days to this from now. So this is your first day.but this assignment isn't too hard." she said smiling, happy with her assignment. She clapped her hands twice to tell them to start. Oscar smiled at everyone and wished Honey good luck then went out.

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