College: Showing Around

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**♢♢✖✖ VILU P.O.V. ♢♢✖✖**

"Okay see you later Leon" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Wait!" He pulled me by my hand and pulled me into his chest. He kissed me passionately. We pulled away and I bit my lip. "Bye" he breathed. I gave him a hug and breathed in his scent. He pecked my lips and went off to Gery who was sitting on a chair.

I watched him talking and he held out his hand and she gladly took it. He left her hand and they walked. I saw Gery smiling widely. I really wanted to keep s close look on them.

"Hey are you Violetta?" I turned around and saw Alex smiling at me. "Yes I am" I said as cheerful as I could. "So should we start the tour?" He asked me. "Oh yes" I said blushing that I forgot what he was here for.

I started walking and he followed me. I saw Leon and Gery walk into the music room. I started walking there when Alex called me, "Violetta, what us this room for?" I turned around a but angry but out a fake smile.

"Um Can I call you Vilu*i nodded* so what is this room for?" "This is just a storage room or all the extra things" I said. He nodded. I started walking to the music room again. I walked in and told Alex to come in.

"This is the music room" I told him. "Yeah I kind of guessed that" he said pointing to a board that said music room and then an arrow. I blushed. "You're pretty when you blush" he said coming closer to me. "Thanks. Let's move on!" I said quickly and dodged him.

He sighed and then put a smile and followed me.

**♢♢✖✖ LEON P.O.V. ♢♢✖✖**

I was walking with Gery and she had already tried to kiss me twice.

**<< FLASHBACK <<**

I walked in with Gery into the music room. She saw a guitar and went to it. She started to try and play euphoria. She kept on messing up the chords. "I'll help you" I said smiling. She smiled back at me.

I out my hands around her and helped move her hand. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled lightly. She started leaning in. "Well you got it!" I said trying to make it seem like I didn't just back away from her kiss.

But how can I actually kiss her. I have wife. She smiled at me. "Let's move on" she said trying to hide that she had leaned in.

We walked out.

We went to the dance class. It was a bit weird for me because I was a bit worried she would try to lean in again. "Can you dance with me?" She asked sweetly. I really wanted to say no but I couldn't.

Y job was to make her feel comfortable not sad, I nodded and went over. We were dancing fast but I felt s bit close. When I tried to move away s bit she would come closer again.

I gulped as she came very close to me. She carried on moving. She moved close again and I backed away smoothly as if it was a move. I saw a but of irritation in her eyes but she put a smile again. She came really close and out legs were touching.

She leaned in again ad I went backwards causing myself to fall. "Leon are you a,right!" She screamed and helped,e up.


I finished the tour with Gery. I started walking to the singing room where I would meet Vilu and Alex.

**♢♢✖✖ VILU P.O.V. ♢♢✖✖**

Luckily after the first time with Alex trying to kiss me he never did it again. "And that is College 28!" I say cheerfully because the tour is over. "We need to get to singing class" I tell him. He nods and we walk out.

We go to singing class. Alex goes to the piano and starts playing Yo Soy Asi. I think of the memories. When Diego and I had to sing it then he kissed me. Leon breaking p with me which led to him dating LAra which led to me dating Diego. Then to find out it was all a lie.

I snap back to reality and see Alex starting to sing. He gestures for me to come over and join him. I shake my head. I know it won't be right singing without Leon. HE puts a puppy dogface. I shake my head again.

In one swift movement he has me by the piano. I start singing. I sing and then look at the other side of the room. I see Leon walking over to me. I start singing with passion. I turn around and see Leon playing the paino. I start to lean in and when I blink I see Alex again.

I startto get confused then realize that I just led him on. He leans in and I start to back away slowly but he doesn't realize that. I now am against the wall. He still comes nearer. Alex closes his eyes.

I look to the door and see Leon. 'help' I mouth to him hoping he will understand. He nods. "And now we are back in the sining room!" Leon shouts loudly so Alex can hear. Alex luckily hears and I breathe a sigh of relief. "Oh Alex I see you have met my wife. I am Leon her husband. *Turns to Gery* This is my wife. Violetta."

Leon said emphasizing the wife and husband part. I giggled. I walked over to him and he out an arm around my waist and held me close to show them. He kissed my cheek. "Well thanks for the tour Leon" Gery says smiling. She walks over and I leave Leon and she gives him a hug.

When he hugs back lightly she blushes. I feel jealous. "Thanks Vilu" Alex says and comes to give me a hug. I hug him back awkwardly. I see jealously in Leon's eyes so I break the hug. He gives me a kiss on the cheek.

Alex leaves the room and I go to to Leon quickly become he tears Alex into pieces. I kissed him passionately to tell him that I only love him. I break the kiss and Leon picks me up. I put my arms around his neck As he spins me around. I lean my head to reach his as he slowly lowers me.

He crashes his lips against mine as I reach the floor. He holds my waist and I put my arms around his neck. We carry on kissing taking small breaths. The Sparks going through were unbelievable. We broke the kiss breathing heavily and panting.

I smiled at him. He grinned back at me. I pecked his lips and he rested his forehead against mine. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" I pecked his lips again. We walked out together hand in hand.

**♢♢✖✖ END OF VILU P.O.V. ♢♢✖✖**
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