Taking a Stand

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"Wake up!!!" Said my Little sister

"I'm up "I said and rolled out of bed to do my normal routine after I'm finish I go downstairs to fix breakfasts for my Little sister and I. On my way to school I stopped at Mc.D for my lunch because I don't like the school lunch.

I was terrified to step foot in that school again but I knew I had to if I ever wanted to live my dreams". As soon as I opened the door could feel all eyes on me and people whispering I got a lot so I shrugged it of and walked to my locker.

As soon as I got there there was a group of boys that likes to beat me up and not giving a damn about how it made me feel. Today I got lucky because my best friend stopped them just in time because he's the most popular boy in the school.

I know what your thinking how can a popular boy be friends with an out casted right but the thing I love about him is that he's loves me for who I am. I can be popular if wanted but this year I wasn't in the mood for a lot of drama.

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