The start of a beautiful friendship (Part 2)

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I was reading the comments to my new video "a summers dream makeup tutorial". As i was scrolling I found myself reading so many good comments, but one stood out to me. A girl had commented "I loved the video Ella, youre like the big sister i never had!" Those were the type of comments that i loved the most as thats what I like Youtube for. Creating connections and friendships by helping one another whether we're stuck on ideas for what to wear the next day or even advice on boys or other situations. Staring at the comment for about another 2 minutes I decided to reply..

"Thank you so much, thats what im here for!xo" I typed.

I then decided to click on to her profile to get a better idea of this girl, I seen loads of her videos from her spring lookbook to a shoe collection video. 

"Wow, she's so girly!" i thought to myself. 

"Her hair is lush too".

Without hesitation I sent her an inbox. 

"Hey AshleighsLife, I read your comment and I personally wanted to thank you. I also watched a few of your videos and I loved them! Ive subscribed to you too! Hope you have a great day! Love EllasWonderland xo "

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