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Ari looked at the boys in disbelief, only they wouldn't take this seriously. Christian was smirking like a teenager and Alex hadn't even bothered to pause the game he was playing. 

"Why aren't you taking me seriously? I'm telling you we're finished. I can't do this anymore. I can't be with both of you" Ari admitted 

"Because darling, that is utter and total bullshit. You're as madly in love with us as we are with you and no amount of distance you put between us is going to change that and you can moan and cry about not loving us anymore but it's shit everything is shit, but the three of us together" Christian told her  "Now stop being such a girl and come sit on my lap and help me pick out a new car."  Arabella looked at him liked he'd gone mad 

"I'm telling you I don't love anymore" 

"You say that again Ari and you're going to have a very sore ass" Alex's voice was low and deep and Ari knew she was skating on thin ice trying to push them away like this but she had to do something. Everything about them drove her crazy and how the hell was she meant to survive this, survive being both of theres for the rest of her life, because it was pretty sure thats what this was. It wasn't a fling this was a forever kind of situation. 

"I mean it Alexa.." Before Ari had even finished her sentence Alex had her bend over his knee and was dragging down her jeans

"I told you Ari. One more and that was it" The sting to her ass made her eyes water, Alex wasn't in a gentle mood, she'd hurt his feelings. well that was the point wasn't it to try and distance them from her. "You're are utterly stupid if you think you can push us away like this. We love you and you love us. So how about you tell us what is really going on in that pretty head of yours?" The whole time Alex had been speaking he'd slowly started to tease her clit and toy with her... He was going to remind her exactly why she loved them and why they loved her. 

"I can't do it when you're doing this to me" She whispered

"Mmm, go upstairs to our room and take all your clothes off and lay down. Wait for us" The boys watched as she walked up the stairs, both admiring her ass and smirking 

"I think it's time we just lay things out there Alex, she's upset and sad and we need to reassure her" Chris told his bother 

"First i want to beat her ass and pussy senseless for even saying she doesn't love us. I'm so angry with her Chris, and her stupid tactics. We're in love, she's ours and she's playing games and i just won't have it" Christian understood where his brother was coming from. She was pushing boundaries that didn't need to ever be pushed. 


Waiting for the boys Arabella contemplated her actions and she knew she regretted them, she did love them, but she knew she couldn't be with them, they just were not a good mix for each other. The door opened and dragged her out of her thoughts. The boys were both naked looking at her, they didn't even speak as they both climbed in a side to the bed. 

"We're all going to talk and we're going to listen to each other and resolve this because we're not going to give up on what we feel because things get a bit hard Ari" Alex told her. The boys snuggled into her. 

"Start talking Ari" Chris instructed while he began to toy with her right nipple between his fingers. 

"I'm not sure I can do this anymore. I do love you, but how can i be with both of you? how does this work we've never discussed it. I'm scared we're not normal and that we haven't ever been normal and that what we feel is just its a mess. We're a mess." She silently had tears leaking from her eyes

"Ari baby, how can us three together not be normal. We've both only ever loved you, we'd do anything for you and we've proved that. I know things feel broken, we're not going to ever be perfect baby girl. How can you be with both of us? Ari you don't even have to try, we're us. You're ours. You can't tell me you'd feel happy with just one person? You're it for us and that is always how its been." Alex told her truthfully 

"I'm just so scared" 

"Sh Ari, there is nothing to be afraid of. The last month has been a mess I won't deny that, but we have a fresh start. A chance to start over. Ari i don't think you realise, one of us is going to marry you, we want you to have our children. We want it all with you!"

"But how can we have that? no one will ever accept it" 

"Its not about anyone else accepting it. We are who we are and we love you" Christian told her 

"Arabella we all know you aren't going to walk away because you love us as much as we love you. Stop pushing us away. Do you think you'll ever get rid of us?" Alex asked as he snuggled into her neck 

"No i guess not. I just .. i'm  a mess" 

"Mmm, not yet you're not" The boys had missed her so much they couldn't help it, they wanted to remind her that sex was loving and caring. She needed reminding of the good things. Christian pulled her into a kiss, while Alex started to finger her from behind, feeling how wet and tight and warm she was, he couldn't help wanting to roll her over and fuck her. But he'd be patient, they both would. Ari moaned into Christians mouth as Alex's fingers pleasured her. Wrapping his hands in her hair, Christian pulled Aris head towards his cock, it had been so long since she'd had her mouth around him and he wanted to feel himself in her throat. While Ari started a slow pursuit of licking Christians balls and shaft, Alex moved his face against her raised ass and pussy and began to lick... 

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