Disney World❤️

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Witney's Point of View
We woke up and got ready to go to Disney World! Yay! We are all super excited its New Years Day and we have the day off could today get any better? We arrived at 8:30 and signed autographs and took pictures with fans until the park opened at 9:00. When it opened me, Mark, Emma and Brittany went to Magic Kingdom. We rode all the rides. When we got to space mountain I wasn't sure so I told them to go on but they said I had to go. Mark kissed me on the cheek and held my hand. We had a blast all day and we met up with everyone to watch the fireworks! I took a picture with Mark kissing me.
" I'm in love with Disney World but even more than that I'm in love with @markballas ❤️"
He saw that and kissed me again. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder while we watched the rest of the fireworks. It was magical💚 best night of my life 💭

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