Chapter 7~ Dani

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Okay, I don't usually start off with author's notes but I am this time.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I have been doing some independent writing, and have been very busy.

Also, a few of you seemed kind of disappointed with the Alexis chapter. I just want you to say, I had to put that in. It changes the whole story. You are probably thinking 'she could have left it out' but I couldn't have. Later in the story you will realize why I put that in. If you still don't understand feel free to pm me.

Hope you enjoy this chapter! :)


~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alexis' parents stared us right in the eyes. I could see flames building up. They were angry, so so so angry.

I knew we couldn't explain, they thought we disrespected their property. So, that meant we had one option left. I looked at Shay, and she knew what I was thinking.

We counted down from three in our heads then bolted out the door. Quickly, I got out of the room, but when I was half way down the hall, I heard Shay scream for me, so I turned back. Alexis' parents were holding her back from running. I grabbed her arm, and easily yanked her away from them. They must not be very strong, or weren't trying that hard. 

We ran till we got to my car. I heard her brother and parents yelling at us. When I started up the car and locked the doors, I heard AJ getting closer. As I began to drive, he pounded on the window. AJ never liked any of Alexis' friends. He always believed his sister could do better.

After a couple minutes of being in the car, Shay breaks the silence.

"I found something, but I didn't get to grab it" Shay states.

"Found what?" I question.

"The diary" she replies.

"Really?" I ask.

"Why do you sound suprised, you were the one who said we always knew she had a diary!!" Shay says, making me crack up, and we laughed the rest of the way home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next day at lunch, Aiden finally gets a chance to sit with us. Lately, he had a lot of make up stuff to do because he was having problems with tests and homework.

"I missed you" I say, as Aiden sits down. He has on a black, white, and grey plaid shirt with jeans. Aiden always looks nice, but something about him stood out today. He seemed more confident, and I liked that.

"You too, baby" he replies, kissing my cheek, and then starts eating his gross pizza that smelled burnt, our school lunches are disgusting. 

"I hate how cold it's getting" Shay states, sitting down at the table.  Her long brown hair looks poofy and frizzy today. It usually looks alright, but for some reason, today it doesn't. I also notice how she isn't wearing any make up, and has on a red, oversized sweatshirt that says lifeguard in a big, bold, white font. She also has cropped leggings on, let's just say, she usally never wears anything like this to school, and I knew for a fact it wasn't because it was getting colder here.

"Ugh same" I complain. 

"Me three" Kyle replies. I notice he is also dressed less like he normally would. Usually, Kyle would wear something kind of preppy, but today he has on a dark green sweatshirt and grey sweats.

"I don't" Aiden says, and we both stare at him.

"Why? How? Are you crazy?!" Shay asks.

"Because then I can have a reason to keep my beautiful girlfriend warm" Aiden answers.

"AWWW" Shay squeals, and I give her a don't-do-that-it-will-ruin-the-moment look.

"You're amazing" I whisper into his ear, then I push back his long, brown bangs like Justin Bieber's, and kiss him.

"Ewww PDA" Jonah says, sitting down by Shay. All of our friends are here. Jonah, Aiden, Shay, Kyle, and I are all best friends. We all have been for a long time. Alexis is one of our best friends too, but obviously, she's not here.

"Gosh Jonah, you don't always have to make it obvious how jealous you are. Don't ruin the moment for them. At least some of us should have someone we love" Shay groans at him, and then Kyle whispers something into her ear.

"We will be right back" Kyle says. They both get up and walk away from the table. 

"What's that about?" Aiden asks.

"I don't know" I lie.

We all finish our lunch quickly, and then head off to class. 

"Dani" Shay calls my name, and I turn around. Her eyes are red, and filled with tears. We walk over to the bathroom so we can talk privately.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Okay, so last night, about ten or fifteen minutes after you left, I texted Kyle, and invited him over to see what he needed to talk about. He thought I was avoiding him, and I explained the situation. Kyle told me he loved me, and then he kissed me. All of a sudden, I felt awful, so I ran to the bathroom. I took a razor blade, and started cutting myself. Kyle walked in, and caught me. He began to cry a bit when he saw me. Kyle thought it was his fault. I tried to explain to him I had never done that before, and it wasn't his fault. Today, he was just checking to make sure that I wasn't lying when I said that" Shay explains.

"Aww, Shay, why are you crying then?" I question.

"Because I still feel so so so awful. I don't know why I hurt myself, and don't worry, it only bled a little, Kyle helped me clean it up. His sister, Adelene, use to do that, and one time he saw her do it. He watched her clean it up just so he would know she would be okay, and then she never did it again" Shay says.

"Alright, let me know if you need anything, okay? I'm always here" I reply, and then we hug. She sobs a little, and then we head to class.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Right after school, I promised Aiden I would meet him outside. We had plans to study for a big test that was later this week. When I spotted him though, he had a bloody lip, and was pounding someone's face.

What the heck was going on?

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