Dad's at his checkup. I still can't comprehend the fact that in a few short months, he'll be gone for good. Physically that is. I know he'll still be there, in my heart and in my mind but he won't literally be there. He'll be under the ground, underneath all the worms and whatever else lurks beneath our feet. I can't say it sounds like heaven if I'm honest. Maybe there is an afterlife. I hope there is because that would mean one day, I could see him again. One day, when I die, I'll have my dad back. But how is it possible really? To have life after death? Once you're dead, you're dead right? My American Idiot ringtone breaks me from my reverie and I snatch it from the bedside table with an exasperated sigh. Without bothering to check my caller ID, I swipe my finger across my iPhone screen and press the cold glass to my left ear.

"Hello?" I mumble, a yawn threatening to burst out and embarrass me in front of whoever is on the other end of the phone line.
"Charlie?" A deep Australian accent says, his tone suggesting he'd rather be doing anything except talking to me. If he had a British accent, I'd have no idea who the bloke was but the Australian accent sort of gave it away. Sucks to be you Hemmings.
"What do you want?" I spit. I'm not sure the whole being civil thing was working out for either of us. I don't know what it is about this boy that infuriates me to this level but I seriously just want to throttle him until he's blue in the face.

"The boys made me call you. We're taking Ny for dinner tonight," Luke begins. It takes me a few seconds to figure out his sentence. The boys? Oh of course, his bandmates. But what on earth are they doing in London? Luke made it perfectly clear that the other three were having a break whilst Luke was in school and were going back to live in Australia for a while. And why would they take Nyanna for dinner? I bet she'll die. Just the sight of that Ash boy will suffocate her.
"Calum insisted we bring one of Ny's mates to keep her company. So would you be alright with coming to dinner with us?" He finishes with a huff. Ha. He couldn't make the fact that he's not happy with the idea any more obvious could he?
"Depends where you're taking me Hemmings…" I purr. I know it will make him uncomfortable. And I'm loving it.

I hear a choking sound on the other end of the phone line and giggles. Wait, that's a girls giggle… Luke has a girl with him. Ergh, unlucky her.
"I'm not taking you anywhere Lennon, they made me ask you!" He splutters. I hear the giggle again and I can't help but raise my eyebrows. He's been here less than a week and he's already got a girl? I shouldn't be surprised though. He's in a band and not to mention, really good looking… shut up Charlie, he's a dickhead. Actually, I'm pretty sure someone can be good looking and a dickhead right? So that's what Luke is, a good looking dickhead. Whatever.

"Have you got a girl Hemmings, that's a lot of giggling?" I ask, a teasing tone edging my attempt at innocent accusation. The giggles suddenly change into an eruption of snorts and a sound I honestly can't describe. Think of that noise a donkey makes. I hear Luke snort quietly as well before he replies.
"No, that's Ashton." He trying hard not to laugh but failing miserably. I'm dumbfounded. I could've sworn those giggles belonged to a girl. I've never heard a guy make a noise like that. Ever. And I have 5 brothers so I've heard guys make A LOT of weird noises.
"You sure Ashton's a guy?" I ask, trying to interrupt the echoing laughter.
"Yep, I've seen the proof." Luke says as I gag silently.
"Eww that's gross!" I complain, holding the phone away from my ear so I'm not deafened by the roaring laughter. I shake my head slowly in disgust. Boys will be boys I guess.

"God Lennon, you're such a girl." He sniggers and I want to slap him. In the face. With a brick. Stupid little idiot…

"Shut up Hemmings," I mutter. "Where are you taking me?" My voice is impatient and holds no emotion.
"That's going to remain a mystery. Just be ready at Ny's. We're picking you up at 7." Luke hangs up before I can respond and I'm almost disappointed. That phone call wasn't really so bad…

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