Chapter 14: Let's Go

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Blake's POV

Damnit. Shit!

I shouldn't have just let her run out like that. I can still picture the moment the fear took over her beautiful features. I shudder.

Why did I let her run like that?

No, it was for the best. The truth is what she needed to get out of my life and stay out of it. Why does my body seem to hate me now? The electricity is still coursing through my stupid human body. There is no way I should feel this way about her. I am a demon after all.

I don't get the luxury of "feelings."

Then why do I have this pit in my stomach that the distance between us now is too far.

I need to get out of this house. I need to get some air. If I don't clear my head then I know I will find her again.

As I open the massive door that leads to the balcony, my phone buzzes in my pocket.

*Your girl looks so tasty tonight. K.*

Shit! Why the fuck did I let her run out!?

I throw my phone off the balcony and watch it shatter on the concrete below. Great.

If he touches her. If he even gets near her.

The image of Kyle ripping her beautiful soul from her has me out the door and running towards the pull that she has over me.

Liz's POV

"Oh hey Kyle, you startled me." I ignore the shudder that runs up my spine as he takes a step forward.

"That was the idea. Why were you running? Did Blake say something?" His eyes become sincere but there is something behind them... Hunger? Desire?

The fear that I felt before when I looked at Blake with his firey eyes was nothing compared to the fear I feel towards Kyle. This fear is different. This fear is the one I imagine people getting before they die. The fear towards Blake is different. That fear is the one that the unknown is staring you right in the eyes with terrifying but thrilling passion.

"I'll take that silence as he told you what he... what we are." Kyle's eye become a black pit and his smile is disgustingly wicked.

"We? There are more... like him?" My voice shakes as he takes out his phone and types something. His black eyes never leaving mine.

"Oh yes beautiful. Blake, Chace, Jason, myself..." He shrugs as if it is common knowledge.

This is all too much. Chace? Jason?

Megan! She is alone at the party with Jason who is a... a demon... The thought makes me dizzy. What if he hurts her? What if he takes her... soul? Now I'm going insane. I'm sure of it. My whole body shakes and my knees buckle. I catch myself with my hands, feeling the sting of the concrete.

"Oh no... The truth is coming out now. Poor Blake shouldn't have let you run from him because now you are in my grasp. What shall I do with you now?" He rubs his hands together and begins to lift me up by the arms. His touch is icy.

I try to pull away but my body won't let me. I must be in shock. That must be why I can't feel anything when Kyle's arms are ripped away and something hard and black takes his place.

I momentarily hear the sound of something or someone hitting another person.

"Liz! Get up and run!" Blake's voice breaks through the haze.

I realize I am still on my hands and knees and when I glance up I see Blake and Kyle wrestling on the ground a few feet in front of me.

Blake's fists connect with Kyle's face and body over and over again. Kyle stops fighting back and stares between Blake and I. Kyle's face turns up into that sickening smile that I hope I never see again. It looks like he is enjoying getting beat up.

"Blake... Blake, stop." My voice has lost all confidence and becomes a whisper but I know he can hear me. His fist stops slightly before connecting with Kyle's face once more.

Kyle spits blood onto the ground and smiles again. Blood covering his teeth.

Blake grabs a fist full of his shirt to pull him up off the ground.

"Stay. Away. From. Her. I will kill you next time no matter what Father says." Blake shoves Kyle's head into the ground and I can swear I hear a crack but Kyle's smile never wavers.

Blake rises off of him and slowly turns towards me.

His eyes are blue fire again, or still, as he cautiously takes a step.

He holds out a bloody hand and I can see the split on his knuckle.

"Let's go." His voice is forcefully but I grab his hand in silence.

My knees shake again and he wraps his arm around me. I shouldn't let him touch me. Who knows what he is capable of. No matter how good his touch feels, this is wrong.

"Take me back to the party." I say with as much confidence I can force.

He looks at me hesitantly. His eyes are much softer now.

"If that is what you want." His accent is thick and his voice is unguarded now. I can hear the disappointment and saddness.

I nod, not trusting my voice.

I know there is a "goodbye" coming. I need to save my strenght and my sanity for that.

This is wrong and there is no way to make it right. I need time to think and that's exactly what I am going to tell the blue-eyed demon that I have fallen for.

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