The Last Day at School

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I walked into school.

"Have a good day!" Kara yelled from the window. She doesn't go to work until she's back in New York. Kara was her own boss who owned an accounting business.

My first thing was to go to homeroom, who was Mr. Sparkin. He's so hot and he's single. You can see his 6 pack through his dress shirt. Oh how gorgeous! I'll miss him.

I walked to his front desk.

"I heard you are leaving today," He said. The bell rang afterwards. I scrambled to my first period class as I was tardy.

"Danielle McGreen," My history teacher, Ms. Weelburger was taking attendance as I came in on crutches. "Why are you late?!" She was so mean.


"No excuses!" She shouted. "You're in High School, not middle school! Sit in the tardy seat!" I took my crutches and took them to the back corner where the tardy seat was.

Ben, another classmate, was sitting in front of me.

"Look who's tardy!" He snickered.

"Shut up, Ben," I replied back.

"Shut up's not a nice word," My other classmate, Juilanne, eavesdropped. She sat next to Ben and she was the most popular girl in Middle School. I hated her. She was from a rich family who lets her do anything.

Juilanne would spend her weekends drinking and partying. She hates people that are on any sports team or shy people, also like me.

Juilanne raised her hand.

"Ms. Weelburger," I could tell she was telling on me. "Danielle told Ben to shut up."

"Does it offend you?" She replied.


"Danielle, please come here!" I took my crutches and made my way up to the front of the classroom.

"Get out of my class, and go to the office and don't come back again,"


"GET OUT OF MY CLASS!" She screamed. I left the room and went to the office, crying.

"What do you need, Danielle?" The secretary said.

"I don't know what I did," I cried and lied.

"Oh, honey, just go to class,"

"Ok," I said. Someone opened the door for me and I left the office.

'I hope Prewoodley's much better,' I thought. I was picturing myself being treated better and more loved.

I wish Sophie was here. I was moving around the halls. Maddie was sitting in English. No problems with her. I went to the bathroom and cried more.

The bell rang 20 minutes later. My friends, Haley, Maddi, Kate, and McKenna, were probably looking for me.

Maddie came in the bathroom.

"Dani?" Maddie said. "What's wrong?"

"I want you to skip classes with me,"

"Woah! That's an awful risk,"

"It's better than calling Kara at work,"

"Just say you're sick,"

"Kara has to come from New York to get me,"

"Ok, Fine!" The tardy bell rang. "Well I'm late to Geography,"

"I'm late to English,"

We sat down for a minute.

"I have to go to class 6th period, I'm leaving in the middle of it," I said.

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