It was really good getting a girl's point of view on meeting my boyfriend's family. Right now, Candy was over at the house helping me choose what to wear. Usually I didn't care what I wore, as long as it was comfortable and not revealing. But the fact that I was meeting my boyfriend's family- I wanted to look presentable and make a good impression.

"Does this look ok?" I asked hopefully. I put on a black skirt that ended about halfway up my thighs that Candy lent me, a plain gray sweater, tan/black tights, regular black converse and the leather bracelet I had told Candy about.

She gave a questioning look. "Turn around and face the wall," she commanded while placing one hand on her hip and spun her finger on her other hand in a circle.

I did as she said and bit my lip. "Ok, face me again," she said. K do what she says and when I see her face again she has a smile on her face,"You look great."

I gave a weak smile,"You sure?" She nodded and dragged me out to the living room where Two-Bit was, waiting to take me to his house. He stood up from the couch smiling when he saw me. "You look great," he smiled. I quickly kissed him and we walked out of the house.

We walked to his house which took about ten minutes. I felt my heart beat faster in my chest. He took my hand in his and gave a reassuring smile,"You're gonna be fine." I smiled back a bit and he led me inside. "Mom, we're here!" he called. "In the kitchen!" a woman, who I'm guessing was his mom, called from the other room.

He led me to the kitchen where I saw the back if a woman who was a little shorter than him and had dirty blonde hair. She turned around and smiled. "You must be Rain," she said in a soft voice, still smiling. I smiled back and nodded. She shooed her son out of the room and motioned for me to sit with her at the table. "I'm Mrs Mathews, but you can call me Lisa if you'd like. That's my first name," she smiled.

I couldn't help but smile back,"My real name is Raina, but everybody just calls me Rain. You can call me Raina though if you want."

"That's a lovely name... it feels so good to have my son in a meaningful relationship with a girl like you from what he's said about you."

"He talks about me?"

She nodded quickly,"Oh yes! One night he came home and was going on and on how you said yes to be his girlfriend."

I felt my cheeks get pink and she chuckled.

We continued talking throughout dinner. She asked about my school work, my life living with the Curtis', my interests, everything. It felt a little awkward at first, and I was still nervous, but I eventually started to ease up. when she asked me if I liked films and music, she was kinda surprised by my answer when I said I liked Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant, not too shocked though when I said Elvis Presley. "Keilah here likes Elvis as well," Mrs Mathews smiled.

Keilah is Two-Bit's younger sister. She's ten and looks exactly like their mother; she has dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He had practically helped raise her since she was two and he was about ten when their dad left. She didn't remember him too much but from what Two-Bit had always said about him, he wasn't a great guy.

Keilah put her hands up in defense,"There's nothing wrong with liking Elvis."

I chuckled and nodded,"I agree with her."

Mrs Mathews chuckled,"I just kinda surprised you like Cart Grant and Humphrey Bogart, Raina. They're from when I was your age."

I shrugged,"I don't know, I just really like their acting. Especially Casablanca."

"Which, don't forget, I am taking you to see this Friday," Two-Bit whispered to me.

Mrs Mathews gave him a look,"I'm not deaf, Keith... and will you be able to handle a movie like Casablanca?"

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