Chapter 5

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It's Friday night. It was a long week and Damion has been acting strange. He hasn't texted me since Monday after 'the desk incident'... Maybe he hates texting in general but he still could have at least called. He hasn't said a word to me and I can't help but feel rejected. I've caught him in class looking at me with those sad eyes of his but he hasn't said a word to me. Why won't he talk to me? Did he find someone else? I dismiss the thought.
Whatever is going on with him, I'm angry, very fucking angry. We didn't sleep together but we did do something, he gave me my first orgasm. I couldn't have imagined doing it with someone else other than him. It felt...amazing.

I should forget about him. I have a date with an amazing man tonight and I need to start getting ready. I try on multiple outfits and dresses. Wait, should I even wear a dress?

"Sasha!! This dress is perfect for tonight. Isn't it?!" She runs directly into my room holding a short mini black dress with lace sleeves that I'm sure she pulled directly from her closet.

"Ali, I don't know..." I say holding the dress examining it.

"C'monnn Sasha. Can you at least try it on? You would look absolutely beautiful in it...please please please??"

"Okay fine." After I've put it on, I look at myself in the mirror. Whoa. The dress hugs me so tightly but it looks so...seductive. I twist and turn, my ass looks perfect in this!

"OH MY GOD! You look freaking amazing!!!!!" Alison is looking at me up and down soaking everything in. "This is perfect for tonight!"

I look at myself some more in the mirror. Wow, can I be any more conceited? If anything I'm the complete opposite but it feels amazing to feel sexy time to time. I curl my hair into soft wavy curls, barely noticeable but better than completely straight and dull. I add a touch of makeup, and finishing off with my lipgloss I glance at myself in the mirror. I do not look like Sasha. I look completely different. This isn't something I would normally wear but it worked pretty well. I guess Noah is in for a surprise.

Alison storms in the room. "I hope your ready cause you're 15 minutes late to your own date, oh and why isn't he picking you up?"

"He wanted to pick me up but I thought it was better if I drove there myself so I can get used to the area."

"Oh okay. Hurry! Your already late, he probably thinks you stood him up!"

"I'm leaving, I'm leaving." I put on my black stilettos and wear a light black coat. Heading to the door I grab Ali's keys. "Thanks for letting me use your car, have fun with Jake." I wink at her and we start laughing. Winking is not my thing, but it can pass for today.

She decided to invite Jake over for a movie night. Finally after crushing on him for months, she finally had the courage to talk to him. I give her credit. She's never approached people in that way and she did that with him. I hurriedly head out the door and into the car.

"You have arrived at your destination." The gps says. I look up and it's a beautiful italian restaurant. I park the BMW and head out the door. Noah is waiting for me outside the restaurant with a smile on his face looking me up and down then up to my face. He's wearing a white dress shirt that fits perfectly to his body with black pants. He looks amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm actually quite surprised to see him like this. I'm used to the casual 'khakis and any shirt will do' kind of Noah. He looks pretty handsome.

"Is that you Sasha?" He laughs giving me a light kiss on the cheek.

"It's me." I reply grinning.

"You look beautiful." He says as we head into the restaurant.

"Thanks Noah." I blush and look down. "You look quite handsome yourself."

He turns his head slightly at me and gives a small wink. My insides are melting. That was so hot! He is so hot! I even see some ladies checking him out, how could they not. His hair looks so smooth falling from his face covering a small part of his eye. He's even sexier when he runs his hands through his it to push it back, but it falls right back to his face.

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