First time swimming

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Soooo sorry for making u wait so long for the update but here it is now

Leah pov
Today the last week of summer then school start. Yeah I know what your thinking why is Norman Reedus child going to school? Well it an acting school for kids. " hey leah, Mingus and Chandler want to go for a swim" dad yelled "yeah" the boys yelled "what about u leah Chandler said. " Um I don't know how to swim" I said as shrugged my shoulders. "It easy we can teach you" "okay" I said and he left so I can get dressed. They will see the bruise and scars ugh what will I say. I decided to put on a full bath suit so they can't see the scars. I looked in the mirror one last time 'ugly worthless and fat' I thought. When I got down Candace had something to help her swim. Chandler and Mingus were in the deep foot but where Dad. Then arms where around me and I was thrown in the pool. I tried to swim to the top but couldn't swim to the top. As I started to black out arms went around me and pulled me out I looked over to see it was Mingus and Chandler right behind him" omg leah u ok" Norman said. "Y-yeah" I sad and cough some water up
Mingus pov
I saw Norman throw her in and she didn't come up so I dove where she was throw and pulled her out. Chandler was behind me "omg Leah r u ok" Norman said "y-yeah" and she cough up some water "lets get u out" "ok" and we got her out. "Guy go to bed we are going school shopping tomorrow" dad said and took Candace to bed. "Ok good night we said unison (a/n Chandler staying over you will find out later)

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