Chapter Eight

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Blackness surrounded me as I examined the rest of the area. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I spun around to have someone standing directly in my face. I gasped and stumbled back.

The man standing in front of me stared at me blankly causing my blood to freeze. A mask covered the upper left half of his face. His eye was completely hidden but the one that I was able to see was the color of crimson blood. It wasn't the same as a vampires and it looked permanent. His skin was white and absolutely perfect even putting the flawlessness of a vampire to shame. He had hair that hung down to his shoulders and fell in front of his face. He was tall and very slender, if there was any muscle on him it was hidden beneath his large black robe. He stood over me as if a reaper ready to possess a lost soul.

He held his hand out to me and I looked at his white slender fingers. On the side of his hand was red symbols that I had never seen before. He didn't speak a word but held his hand out to me and stared at me, but there was something about this stranger that didn't cause me to shiver in fright. I slid my hand into his and he helped me recover from my fall still showing no kind of emotion what so ever.

He wasn't as tall now that I was back on my feet but he still had some inches on me. His breathing was calm and I couldn't help but wonder why he was here.

"Thank you for helping me up," I said and like before, nothing changed.

"Do not thank me," he said flatly and his voice was deep. It was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. If I wasn't a vampire my heart would be racing so fast that it would probably have killed me. I kept my thoughts and emotions to myself.

"My name is..." I started to say but he spoke over me.

"Rain," he simple said and I rose my brow in confusion. "My name is Wes," he also added before I had a chance to ask.

"Well hello Wes, it's very nice to meet you," I said and he slightly nodded his head. It was the most action I had seen from him other than helping me stand. "So where are we," I asked.

"Your head."

"So you are saying that I am imagining you," I asked and he looked into my eyes. I felt like I could melt under his intense stare. It was a lot more intense then Sam's. I could feel the butterflies stirring up in the pit of my stomach.

It had to be true because only I could imagine such a god.

"I am not a part of your imagination, I am real," he spoke flatly.

"How did you get in my head and why are you here," I asked and ran my hand through my hair trying to figure things out.

"I can travel through people's minds while they are asleep," he answered and I could feel the tension between us start to lighten up.

"First off that is really creepy, and secondly you didn't answer my other question," I said and he didn't seem to hesitate on answering me.

"Because you are my bride," he answered and my mouth dropped.


"And what on earth possess you to believe something like that," I demanded.

"My venom runs through your veins," he said but I could tell he wasn't finished. "It was destined for you to become my bride since the beginning of time." He finally finished.

"Your blood, destiny. This is all very confusing," I said rubbing my left temple.

"I am the demon whose venom you have within you," he said blankly before returning that intense gaze.

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